Free Quiz Questions on sports events. Topics include tournaments, trophies and special one-off events.

  1. Football: How many times have Scotland played in the World Cup finals?

    8 times

  2. Who was the first country outside of Europe or the USA to host the (summer) Olympics?

    Australia (Melbourne 1956)

  3. The winner of the Open Golf Championship gets “the Claret Jug” these days – but in the early days of the competition, what clothing accessory formed the original championship trophy?


  4. If you won an event in the ancient Greek Olympics –did you get a Gold medal, a Silver medal or a bunch of celery?


  5. In which sport is the trophy awarded to the world champions known as The Silver Broom?


  6. Who was the first British Monarch to watch an FA cup final?

    George V (in 1914)

  7. In which sport do people play for the Curtis Cup

    golf (women, USA v GB & Ireland)

  8. Which famous race takes place every April and has a record time of 8 minutes and 47 seconds?

    Grand National

  9. In which American sport do top teams compete for the Stanley Cup?

    Ice Hockey

  10. Which country’s football team qualified for the 1950 World Cup but were not allowed to take part because their players insisted on going barefoot? China, Japan or India?


  11. Which two famous boxers fought in the famous 1975 boxing match, “The Thrilla in Manila”?

    Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier

  12. The first Rugby World Cup was in 1987. Which two teams reached the final?

    New Zealand and France

  13. Has a UK cyclist ever won the Tour de France?


  14. Why was the European Nude Golf Tournament cancelled in 2003 in Spain: Bad Weather or Terrorism?


  15. IN 1910 a football game took place between a team of players on six foot stilts and a team of players with their arms tied by their sides. Who won?

    tied arms side won

  16. The Olympic Games in 1908 were supposed to be in Rome but were moved to London instead, What happened in Italy? Massive political unrest and violence, a big volcano went off and ruined everything, or did the Italians simply fail to build any facilities in the first place?


  17. What sport is the Solheim Cup played for?

    Women’s Golf

  18. How many Summer Olympic Games were missed for World War Two?

    2 (1940 & 1944)

  19. In football: what year is the next women’s world cup?

    2011 in Germany

  20. How many rings on the Olympic flag

    5 rings

  21. An annual golf tournament called the Elfego Baca takes place in New Mexico, USA in which the course consists of just one hole. The tee is on top of a mountain and the hole is 2 and a half miles away and 2500 feet below. What is the course record?

    9 shots

  22. Who declared the 1936 Olympics officially open?

    Adolf Hitler

  23. Which African team went out of the football World Cup in 1982 when West Germany and Austria played out a deliberately uncompetitive 1-0 win for West Germany in the group stages?


  24. Which of these countries have NEVER hosted the summer Olympics: Belgium, Finland or Brazil?


  25. Which city was the venue for the Winter Olympics where Eddie the Eagle became famous for being a rubbish ski jumper?

    Calgary (1988)

  26. Which country is hosting the next Winter Olympics, in 2010?


  27. Which English town holds a racing festival around St Patrick’s day and is a favourite of the Irish racegoers: Newmarket, Cheltenham or York?


  28. In which country was the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in 2007?


  29. Which country hosted the first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991 and hosted again in 2007?


  30. Which country did Germany beat in the opening match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup?

    Costa Rica

  31. Which tournament lasts the longest: the cricket world cup, the rugby world cup or the FIFA world cup?


  32. Which regular event began first: the cricket world cup or the rugby union world cup?

    Cricket World Cup (1975)

  33. Scotland and England play each other every year at Rugby Union for the Calcutta Cup. But what animal is on the lid of the Calcutta cup: a peacock, a tiger or an elephant?


  34. What football team do Gary Glitter and Jonathan King, Michael Barrymore all support in the World Cup?


  35. Where was the cricket world cup held in 1999: England, Australia or India?


  36. Which European league provided most players for the 2006 World Cup?

    England (>100) – 2nd is Germany with 70)

  37. Name the six countries which take part in the Rugby Union Six Nations Championship?

    England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy

  38. What three words, when separated by commas make up the motto of the Olympic games?

    Faster, higher and stronger

  39. Which of these countries has hosted the summer Olympics: Finland, Switzerland or Yugoslavia?

    Finland (1952)

  40. Which UK city will host the the 2014 Commonwealth Games?


  41. The Euro 2000 football tournament was hosted by Belgium and Holland, but which of those countries was the final played in?


  42. In football, who were the first team to win the Jules Rimet Trophy twice?


  43. Which racecourse in Surrey hosts the King George VI Chase every Boxing Day?

    Kempton Park

  44. Which city staged the first Olympic Games after World War II?


  45. Which is the only city in the USA to have hosted the Summer Olympic games twice?

    Los Angeles (1932 and 1984)

  46. What month of the year does the Kentucky Derby take place?


  47. Which horseracing season lasts from October to April: national hunt racing or flat racing?

    National Hunt (aka hurdles)

  48. Which of these countries have NEVER hosted the summer Olympics: New Zealand, Holland or Germany?

    New Zealand

  49. In football: has an African team ever come in the top four at a World Cup tournament?


  50. Have the Scotland women’s football team ever qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals?


  51. Which one of these countries has NEVER hosted the summer Olympics: Belgium, Sweden or Norway?


  52. 1863: Old Trafford. A cricket match between a team of one legged players and a team of one-armers. Who won?

    One legged team won

  53. The Wimbledon Men’s Singles trophy is a silver cup – but what’s on the lid: an elephant, a fish or a pineapple?


  54. Which metal makes up 90% of an Olympic gold meal: Gold, Silver or Steel?


  55. In which Southern Hemisphere country is the next Football World Cup, in 2010, due to be played?

    South Africa

  56. Where was the opening game of the 2002 World Cup finals: South Korea or Japan?

    South Korea

  57. The Summer Olympics have been held in three different US cities. Atlanta was the last US host in 1996 – what were the other two?

    St.Louis, Los Angeles (twice)

  58. How did Pickles the dog (the dog that found the Jules Rimet World Cup trophy in 1966) finally die? Was he strangled by his own lead, was he dropped in a vat of toxic chemicals on a promotional visit to a paint factory or was he run over by a truck?

    Strangled, lead.

  59. In which sport would you compete for the Davis Cup?


  60. Which English sporting event is the Oldest: The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, The Grand National or The FA Cup Final?

    The Boat Race (1829)

  61. Football: To whom is the Lev Yashin award given at the end of each World Cup finals tournament?

    The Goalkeeper voted best in the tournament.

  62. Which British sporting event is the Oldest: The Open Golf Championship, The Grand National or The English FA Cup?

    The Grand National (1836)

  63. Which of these US sporting events happens earliest in the calendar: Kentucky Derby, Baseball World Series or American Football Superbowl?

    The Superbowl

  64. Which annual sporting event between 2 teams started in 1829?

    The University Boat Race

  65. Which international sporting event included 200athletes taking part in France in 1924 and over 2000 athletes taking part in Italy in 2006?

    The Winter Olympics

  66. What great British sporting moment lasted for four and a half minutes and was watched live on TV by 24 million British viewers in 1984?

    Torvil and Dean's performance of Bolero at Sarajevo Winter Olympics

  67. In which sporting competition which takes place every four years would the Henri Delaunay trophy be presented to the winning team?

    UEFA European Championships (football)

  68. What happened in Italy in 1908 which caused the The Olympic Games to relocated from Rome to London? Was there massive political unrest and violence, did a big volcano erupt and ruin everything, or did the Italians simply fail to build any facilities in the first place?


  69. Which of these songs was Scotland’s 1982 World Cup Anthem: Easy Easy, Ole Ola, We Have a Dream?

    We Have A Dream

  70. Which country won the 1990 Football World Cup?

    West Germany

  71. What sport do women compete in for the Curtis Cup?

    Women’s Golf

  72. Which horse race first took place in 1819 and has been won in recent years (all since the millennium) by horses called Kauto Star, Kicking King and War of Attrition?

    Cheltenham Gold Cup

  73. In horse racing, which three racecourses stage the five English `classics`?

    Doncaster, Epsom and Newmarket

  74. What event taking place elsewhere in Britain caused the Grand National of 2005 to be put back by 25 minutes?

    The wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

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