Free Quiz Questions on sporting venues. Topics include stadia, grounds, courses, rinks, tracks, cities and countries.

  1. Which is the oldest golf course in Europe?

    St. Andrews

  2. Which famous Manhattan venue is the home of the New York Knicks basketball team and the New York Rangers Ice Hockey team?

    Madison Square Garden

  3. Which English golf course hosted the British Open Championship when it was won by Tiger Woods in 2006?

    Royal Liverpool (Hoylake)

  4. In which African country was Muhammed Ali and George Foreman’s famous fight, the Rumble in the Jungle?

    Zaire (now known as Democratic Republic of Congo)

  5. In which US state could you watch golf at Oakmont, american football at Heinz Field, and baseball at the Citizens Bank Park?


  6. Where is Wimbledon in London? NE, SE, NW or SW?

    South West

  7. Which English football team played their home games at the JJB Stadium until it became the DW stadium in 2009?

    Wigan Athletic

  8. London is going to host the 2012 Olympics – but during which decade did London last hold the event?

    1940s (1948)

  9. Which African-American tennis star is the main stadium at the US Open named after?

    Arthur Ashe

  10. In which country is the final of this year’s Cricket World Cup being played: Jamaica, Barbados, or Guyana?


  11. In which city were the summer Olympic games held in 1992?


  12. In sport, what was the former ground of Derby County football club? Clue: the name contains the name of another sport.

    Baseball Ground

  13. In which city was the final of the Germany 2006 world played?


  14. In which French city did Scotland play Norway in the 1998 World Cup? If you know nothing about football, you may get the answer from the clue that it is the capital of the Aquitaine region.


  15. In which Australian city is the famous cricket venue known as 'The Gabba'?


  16. Which Scottish golf course hosted The British Open when Paul Lawrie won in 1999?


  17. What was the name of Third Lanark’s ground before they shut down in 1967?

    Cathkin Park

  18. Which North American city has a basketball team called the Pistons and an ice hockey team called the Red Wings?


  19. Which English Premiership football team plays at Craven Cottage?

    Fulham FC

  20. What country is due to host the Commonwealth Games is 2010?

    India (games to be held in Delhi).

  21. Golf: Which European country hosted the Ryder Cup in 2006?


  22. Which English County Cricket team play home games at Old Trafford?


  23. What is the name of Montrose FC's home ground?

    Links Park

  24. In which English city does the Grand National horse race take place every year?


  25. Which Australian city does the Australian Open tennis championship take place in?


  26. Which Scottish golf course hosted the British Open when Ernie Els won in 2002


  27. In which city was the opening game of the 2006 Football World Cup?

    Munich (Germany v Costa Rica)

  28. Football. What was the name of the stadium that hosted the 2006 World Cup Final?

    Olympic Stadium, Berlin

  29. What sport are you watching if you go to Saracen Park to see the Glasgow Tigers versus the Edinburgh Monarchs?


  30. In which venue did France play their home games for the Six Nations Rugby this year?

    Stade de France

  31. Which Premier League football team play their home games at the Stadium of Light?


  32. What are the names of Arsenal's new stadium and their old stadium?

    The Emirates Stadium, Highbury

  33. What Italian city held the Winter Olympics in 2006?


  34. What European country were the Winter Olympics held in 2006?

    Italy (in Turin)

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