Free Quiz Questions on sports teams. Topics include winners and losers, domestic and international, past and present.

  1. Which baseball team will play at Target Field from 2010 and won the World Series in 1987?

    Minnesota twins

  2. Which country has won more Olympic golds in men's ice hockey: Canada or the USA?

    Canada (7 vs 2)

  3. What animal is Bradford’s Rugby League team named after?

    Bulls (team is called bradford Bulls)

  4. Which American Football team named after horses won the 2007 Superbowl?

    Indianapolis Colts

  5. Which country were FIFA World Cup holders the whole time the Second World War was going on?

    Italy (won it in Italy in 1938)

  6. What sport is played by the Belfast Giants?

    Ice Hockey

  7. What country's name as contained inside the name of the team who won the 2007 NFL Superbowl ?

    India (Indianapolis Colts)

  8. What Formula 1 Motor Racing team do both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso race for: McLaren, Ferrari, or Toyota?


  9. What Formula 1 team does Lewis Hamilton race for?

    McLaren-Mercedes (accept either half of the answer as the full answer)

  10. Which Commonwealth country has dominated the World Netball Championship since it began in the 1960s and won it again in 2007?


  11. In Cricket, which country won their 4th World Cup in 2007?


  12. Psychologists studying sporting history have discovered that teams wearing a particular colour will gain a sporting advantage if everything else is equal. What is the winning colour: blue or red?


  13. Which country has been world polo champions more than any other: England, Argentina or Pakistan?


  14. Which country have been the world beard and moustache champions for 5 years in a row: Canada, Germany or Brazil?


  15. Which sport is played by teams called the Leeds Rhinos and the Bradford Bulls?

    Rugby League

  16. What sport do American sports franchise the Utah Jazz play?


  17. Which sport is played at Braehead by the Scottish Rocks?


  18. When the Glasgow Warriors play against the Edinburgh Gunners – what sport is going on?

    Rugby Union

  19. In the USA – what sport do the Cleveland Indians play?


  20. What colour is worn by both the Baltimore Orioles baseball team in America, and Blackpool FC in England?


  21. Which football team visiting for a match against England once stole £2000 worth of goods from the duty free shop as they passed thorugh Heathrow: Albania, Spain or Italy?


  22. What American sport do the Oakland Raiders play?

    American Football

  23. What sport did the Barcelona Dragons and the Frankfurt Galaxy play?

    American Football

  24. What sport do the Carolina Panthers play: Basketball, Baseball or American Football?

    American Football

  25. What American Sport do the Atlanta Braves play?


  26. What American Sport do the Cincinnati Reds play?


  27. What American sport do the Detroit Pistons play?


  28. Football. Which African country starting with a Z was Bruce Grobbelaar the goalie for?


  29. How many people are required to make up a rounders team (not including substitutes)?

    9 players

  30. In the USA, what sport do the Pittsburgh Penguins play?

    Ice Hockey

  31. Up to and including Beijing 2008, India have only won ten Olympic gold medals: one was in shooting but in which team sport were the other nine?


  32. Name either of the two teams who reached the final of the 2006 Rugby League Challenge Cup last August?

    St Helens, Huddersfield

  33. What sport is played by The Wigan Warriors?

    Rugby League

  34. Which country won their second Rugby World Cup in 2007 by beating England?

    South Africa

  35. What is the highest ever points score by a winning team in the Superbowl?

    55 points (by the San Francisco 49ers v Broncos in 1990)

  36. What milestone game did Scotland football team reach in 1999 when they played the Czech Republic? 400, 600 or 800 internationals?

    600 games

  37. In the Oxford v Cambridge boat race – how many people are in each boat?

    9 ( 8 rowers and 1 cox)

  38. In the USA, what sport do the Minnesota Wild play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  39. In the USA, what sport do the New York Knicks play: basketball, baseball or ice hockey?


  40. In the USA, what sport do the Phoenix Coyotes play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  41. In America, what sport do the Los Angeles Dodgers play?


  42. In the USA: what sport do the Milwaukee Brewers play?


  43. What sport do the Chicago Blackhawks play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  44. What sport do the Colorado Avalanche play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  45. What sport do the Florida Panthers play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  46. What sport do the Los Angeles Kings play: baseball, basketball or Ice Hockey?

    Ice Hockey

  47. What sport do the Philadelphia Flyers play: Basketball, Baseball or Ice Hockey?

    Ice Hockey

  48. What sport do the Tampa Bay Lightning play? Basketball, Ice Hockey or American Football?

    Ice Hockey

  49. Which small-town American Football team holds the record for the highest number of NFL Championships? Note: this is not the same as Superbowls

    Green Bay Packers

  50. Who are the only country to have reached the semi-finals teams at every single FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament so far? (up to and including 2007 tournament)


  51. What country are currently the male Olympic football champions?

    Argentina (2008)

  52. Which F1 motor racing team has removed all sponsors from their car for the 2007 season and replaced them with a picture of planet Earth?


  53. In Rugby League, what animal did Warrington add to their name in the 1990s?


  54. What sport do the Chicago Fire play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?


  55. What sport do the Los Angleles Galaxy play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?


  56. What sport do the San Jose Earthquakes play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?


  57. In Rugby Union, which country are the current World Champions? (2007)

    South Africa

  58. Which country has won the world women’s lacrosse championships most times (up to and including the 2009 championships)


  59. Football: Which one of these countries did NOT qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals in 2006: Holland, Colombia, Ukraine?


  60. France won the world cup in 1998 - they also won the fair play award, which they shared with one other team. Which team was that? Brazil, England or Scotland?


  61. What colour silks do jockeys wear when riding the Queen’s horses: purple and red, gold and green, or brown and white?

    Purple and scarlet

  62. What sport do the New York Rangers play: basketball, Ice Hockey or soccer?

    Ice Hockey

  63. Football: Which country are the current holders of the Women's World Cup? (2007 tournament)


  64. Which NFL team moved from Boston in the 1930s and won the Superbowl 3 times, last in 1991?

    Washington Redskins

  65. Who are the current American Football NFL champions?

    Pittsburgh Steelers (2009)

  66. What city in the USA do major league baseball team The White Sox come from?


  67. If you go on holiday to America and end up going to see the Cubs playing the Diamondbacks, what sport are you watching?


  68. The Sheffield Shield is the top trophy awarded for which team sport in Australia?


  69. In the USA: what sport do the New England Revolution play: Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer?


  70. In cricket, which type of spin causes the ball to gain pace after bouncing: top, back or side?

    Top spin

  71. In football: what year is the next women’s world cup?

    2011 in Germany

  72. How many players are allowed on the field for each team in a game of Australian Rules Football?

    18 players

  73. Which tournament lasts the longest: the cricket world cup, the rugby world cup or the FIFA world cup?


  74. Which regular event began first: the cricket world cup or the rugby union world cup?

    Cricket World Cup (1975)

  75. What sport is played by the Belfast Giants and the Cardiff Devils?

    Ice Hockey

  76. Which six-a-side team sport was invented in the 1890s and made it into the Olympics in 1964?


  77. In rugby union, is a fly-half a forward or a back?

    a back

  78. Which is the longer course The University Boat Race (Cambridge and Oxford) or The Grand National?

    The Grand National (4 miles and 880 yards but boat race is 4 miles and 374 yards)

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