Free Quiz Questions on the Ashes series of test cricket which is played between England and Australia on a bi-annual basis.

Since cricket is a summer game, the venues being in opposite hemispheres means the break between series alternates between 18 and 30 months.

  1. What nickname was given to the 1932/33 Ashes series, thanks to English bowlers aiming fast balls directly at Australian batsmen?

    Bodyline (or 'The Bodyline Tour')

  2. Don Bradman's 334 not out in 1930 is only the second highest individual innings in Ahses history. Who scored more?

    Len Hutton (364 in 1938)

  3. Who replaced Ian Botham as England captain after a disastrous start to the 1981 Ashes before Botham recovered with his miracle performances later in the series.

    Mike Brearley

  4. What was the name of the newspaper which began The Ashes legend in 1882 by printing the satricial obituary declaring that English cricket had died, the body had been cremated and the ashes had been carried to Australia?

    The Sporting Times

  5. What year did English cricket "die" by losing on home soil to the Australia for the first time and thus leading to th legend of 'The Ashes'?


  6. Which legendary Australian batsman scored 300 runs in a single day against England at Headingley in the 1930 Ashes?

    Don Bradman

  7. Who won the controverisal Bodyline Ashes of 1933: England or Australia?

    England (4-1)

  8. True or False: England once scored more than a thousand in one Ashes innings

    False (the highest Ashes inning was 903 for 7 by England in 1938)

  9. What sitcom-inspired nickname was given to Ray illingworth's ageing England team which won the Ashes down under in 1971?

    Dad's Army

  10. Who bowled whom in the 'ball of the century' incident at Old Trafford in 1993?

    Shane Warne bowled Mike Gatting

  11. The 2005 test match between Angland and Australia at Edgbaston produced the smallest winning runs-margin in Ashes history. How many runs did England win the match by?

    2 runs

  12. What object did Australian bowler Glenn McGrath stand on before the 2nd Ashes test in 2005, tearing his ankle ligaments to give a major boost to England in that match?

    a cricket ball

  13. Which England cricket player is credited with the immortal line 'let's give it some Humpty' before destroying Australia in 1981?

    Ian Botham

  14. In 2005, which England cricketer said 'Matthew Hoggard called the Prime Minister a knob when we were celebrating winning the Ashes at a Downing Street function, and you know what? That's the first thing Hoggy's got right in a while. Blair is a knob'?

    Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff

  15. the third book in which series features an appearance by the Ashes urn: Discworld, Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, Harry Potter.

    Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy (in the third book - Life The Universe And Everything)

  16. Which energy company sponsored the 2009 Ashes series?


  17. Up to and including the 2006-07 series, have more Ashes tests been won by England, won by Australia or drawn?

    More have been won by Australia (121) compared to England (95) or drawn (84)

  18. Ashes series usually consist of 5 matches but during which decade was the last 6-match Ashes series?

    The 1990s (1997 in England)

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