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Free Quiz Questions on Sport (uncategorized). Topics include records, governing bodies, disabled wrestling and pantomime cows.

    1. According to football scientists who studied penalty kicks in 2009, what is the optimum run up for a penalty kick - 2 steps, 5 steps or 10 steps?

      5 steps

    2. Which Olympic event's record time stands at around 3 and a half hours?

      50 kilometre walk

    3. What is the fastest swimming stroke: the breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly?


    4. In football, which energy company took over from the Nationwide building society as the main sponsors of the English FA Cup in 2006?


    5. Scotland is the home of golf – but which other European country has a strong claim to have invented the game: Italy, Holland or Russia?


    6. How many golfers in 1997 earned more than $1 million on the US tour?


    7. What is the world record time for a pantomime cow running 50 meters?

      10 seconds

    8. What is the land speed record for a blind driver (driving solo)?


    9. How many years old (in human years) was the oldest ever winning horse of the Grand National?

      15 [Peter Simple in 1853]

    10. Andy Roddick holds the world record tennis serve – how fast can he serve it? - get within 10 mph for points

      155 mph

    11. Within 20 mph - how fast is the world downhill speed skiing record?

      156 mph (accept answers 136-176 mph)

    12. What is the current women’s high jump record (Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinov)

      2.09 m

    13. What’s the current high-jump record?

      2.45m – Javier Sotomeyer of Cuba

    14. In feet, what is the world record distance for hurling a toilet bowl (set by a Norwegian)?

      21 feet,

    15. In centimetres, what is the difference between the current high jump world records for men and women?

      36 cm

    16. What is the women’s pole vault record in m/cm?

      4.88 (Aug 2004 – Svetlana Feofanova, RUS, in Crete)

    17. Within one minute of the right answer, how fast was Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record breaking maximum 147 break in 1997?

      5 minutes 20 seconds

    18. How old was the world’s youngest boy to win a karate black belt

      6 years old

    19. What is the current world Pole-Vault record?

      6.14,m – Sergei Bubka (Ukraine???)

    20. Gary Hardwick set the official record speed for skateboarding in 1998: within ten miles per hour, how fast did he go?

      63 mph

    21. What was the prize money for the men’s singles winner at Wimbledon [2006]?

      655,000 pounds

    22. What is the current world record for the long jump – as set by Mike Powell in 1991?


    23. World female keppie uppie record – Milene Dominguez (wife of Ronaldo)

      9 hours 6 mins – 55,188 touches

    24. What is the world record for running a hundred metres (Tim Montgomery, Paris, yesterday)

      9.78 secs

    25. How old was the oldest guy ever to finish a marathon: 78, 88 or 98?

      98 years old

    26. Honda motor racing team have removed all sponsors from their Formula One racing car this season and replaced them with what?

      A picture of the planet Earth against the black background of space

    27. Which sport has produced more BBC Sports Personalities of the year than any other: Football, Motor Racing or Athletics?


    28. Which sport is older: Basketball or Aussie Rules football? (which sport had universal rules laid down first?)

      Aussie Rules

    29. What is the most highly attended spectator sport in Australia: Aussie Rules Football, Cricket or Rugby League?

      Aussie Rules Football

    30. Which boxing promoter was also snooker player Steve Davis’s manager?

      Barry Hearn

    31. In America, which sport is governed by the NBA?


    32. At the Winter Olympics, which is fastest: Bobsleigh, Luge, or Speed Skating?

      Bobsleigh – everage 60-90mph

    33. What country holds most different World Weightlifting records: China, Turkey or The Lebanon?


    34. In football, which financial company became the sponsors of the Scottish League Cup from 2008?

      Co_Operative Insurance

    35. Who was the first snooker player to score a maximum 147 break in World Championship snooker?

      Cliff Thornburn

    36. Football: Which bank became the main sponsor of the SPL from summer 2007?

      Clydesdale Bank

    37. After football, which sport draws the next highest number of total spectators every year in the UK: Cricket, tennis, or athletics?


    38. Which team sport is governed by the ICC?

      Cricket (stands for International Cricket Council)

    39. In 1911, what caused the tragic death of Morton FC's mascot, Toby the Sheep? Was he drowned in players’ bath, was he crushed in a pitch invasion or did he have his neck broken after getting in way of powerful shot at a training session?

      Drowned in players' bath

    40. Does the men’s singles winner at Wimbledon get more money than the winner of the ladies’ singles, or is the prize money even?

      equal as from 2007

    41. What is the biggest women’s participation sport in Britain: Football, Netball or Ski-ing?


    42. Which women's athletic world record currently stands at 2m and 09 cm, as held by Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria?

      High Jump

    43. What is the Irish version of Shinty called?


    44. What kind of sport is the game of futsal?

      Indoor football

    45. What country does the sport of hurling originate from?


    46. The sport of Hurling is originally...Scottish or Irish?

      Irish (Scottish version is called Shinty)

    47. In which country do crowds of 300 spectators pay the equivalent of £25 to watch disabled wrestlers take each other on: Brazil, Japan or South Africa?


    48. What country did Judo originate in?


    49. What martial arts name means gentle way


    50. The annual Wimbledon tennis tournament is run by the LTA. What do the letters LTA stand for?

      Lawn Tennis Association

    51. What English sporting institution did American businessmen Tom Hicks and George Gillet buy for £200million in 2007?

      Liverpool FC

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  1. Which is higher: world male pole-vaulting record or world female pole-vaulting record?


  2. According to stats from 2004- who is the richest football club in the world (estimated by annual turnover) Real Madrid, Manchester United or Bayern Munich?

    Manchester United

  3. Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1953 – but has a woman ever run a mile in under 4 minutes?


  4. What carries more prize money: The Open Golf Championship or Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship?

    Open Golf

  5. Which financial company sponsors the Six Nations Rugby tournament?


  6. Who was the first man to run a sub four minute mile?

    Roger Bannister

  7. Who was the official England supermarket during Euro 2004: Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda?


  8. During the 2006 world cup, did sales of condoms in Germany rise by 30% or fall by 30%

    Sales rose by 30%

  9. What sport are you watching if you go to Saracen Park to see the Glasgow Tigers versus the Edinburgh Monarchs?


  10. In football, which alcohol company sponsored the Scottish FA Cup from 1989 - 2007?


  11. Which athletics world record currently stands at 18.29m?

    Triple Jump (Jonathan Edwards)

  12. In which country was the hacky-sack invented: Turkey, Korea or Brazil?


  13. Who made the most money in 2003: Venus Williams, Lleyton Hewitt or Anna Kournikova?

    Venus Williams

  14. In horse racing: Which phone company sponsored the Epsom Derby until pulling out in 2008?


  15. Which compass direction is also a brand of cigarettes that used to sponsor Formula One motor racing team McLaren?


  16. What is faster: the world marathon running record or the world wheelchair marathon record?

    Wheelchair is faster

  17. Which North American sport has a group of teams known as "the original six" who comprised the whole league between 1942 and 1967?

    Ice Hockey

  18. Which sport has a world championships that takes place on the West Coast of Scotland every year and whose world record was stretched from 57 metres to 65 metres in 2001?

    Stone Skimming (takes place on Easdale Island - near Oban)

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