Free quiz questions on the world's most populous country: China.

China is the world's newest superpower. Here's some bits and bobs of trivia which might help you write a quiz about China and give you some ideas for other questions.

  1. What language does the word ZERO originally come from: Dutch, Arabic or Chinese?


  2. Does the writing in a Chinese newspaper run horizontally or vertically?


  3. From which 2003 film would you find the following: "And in the years to come, the Rising Sun of Imperial Japan would fly in triumph over Korea, over Russia, even over China. As for the American Captain, no one knows what became of him. All that is left is his journal which I have published, according to his last request."

    The Last Samurai

  4. Which of these people lost his virginity to a Chinese prostitute: singer Shane McGowan, Game show host Jeremy Beadle or Magician Paul Daniels?

    Paul Daniels

  5. Which country has the largest population of pigs: Denmark or China?


  6. What country has the most suicidal people in the world: Japan, China or USA?


  7. What are mad project are Chinese scientists currently attempting: put a man on the moon, build a new wall round the whole country or dig a tunnel to the centre of the Earth!

    Man on the Moon

  8. China’s got the most people in the world. Which country is second in terms of population?


  9. What is the largest city [by population] in China: Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong?


  10. How many time zones are there in China?

    one time zone only (Unofficially, Xianjiang uses its own time but  this is not officially recognized by Beijing)

  11. Which of these countries is the largest producer of oil: UK, USA or China? (2002 figures)


  12. Which country is the only one to have a land border with both China and North Korea?


  13. What is the official language of China: Cantonese or Mandarin?


  14. Is Christmas Day an Chinese public holiday?

    No. Christmas has no official status in China

  15. In 1949, after the Chinese Revolution, the Chinese Nationalists fled to where

    Formosa (now Taiwan)

  16. Which people founded the Qing dynasty and ruled China between 1644-1912, and came from a region which today is not a province, but roughly the north-eastern part of China?


  17. Has the Queen ever visited China?

    Yes – she became the first British monarch to visit China in 1986

  18. In China – are bats thought to be lucky or unlucky?


  19. In China, wee girls wear blue but what colour do wee boys wear: red, green or black?


  20. What animal represented 2006 in the Chinese Zodiac and is known as a loyal and trustworthy sign?


  21. What animal represents 2011 in the Chinese Zodiac and is known as a kind and sensitive sign?


  22. What colour do Chinese people wear when they're mourning: black, white or red?


  23. Who has the most developed space program: China or Japan? (as of 2011)


  24. Who were the first in the world to use toilet paper: the Chinese, the Americans or the British?


  25. In which year did the first Formula One Grand Prix take place in China?

    2004 (at the Shanghai International circuit).

  26. What country holds most different World Weightlifting records: China, Turkey or The Lebanon?


  27. What type of animal's dwelling gave its name to the athletics stadium at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China?

    Bird's Nest

  28. The Chinese dish Bean Sprouts are usually the sprouts of which bean?

    Mung Bean