nap showing belgiumHere's a tip which rewards your regulars without upsetting newcomers (until they find about it, by which time they are regulars!)

It's called the Belgium question because a bloke called Quizmaster Dave from Edinburgh does it with Belgium.

Does what? Well, he makes sure there is a question in every quiz he does (4 venues) to which the answer is "Belgium."

It can be obscure or easy but there's a chance that his regulars will get it and feel a wee bit smug with themselves as newcomers flounder.

It's a good idea and its all about building a bond between you and the people who come to your quiz.

I haven't tried this one myself but it certainly seems like less admin than, for example, running a league table.

Do you use a Belgium question? If so, let me know in the comments - is it hard to come up with new questions for the same answer again and again?