sack_of_cashI got an email the other day from a chap in India who wrote:

"Respected Sir, I am writing quiz questions and giving it to an Indian Quiz site as 'Daily Quiz'. Till today I have not received money against my hard work. Please tell me a platform where I can reedem my hard work."

The good news is

that there are places where you can get paid for writing quiz questions, as long as they are good ones!

One I use myself is Quizbag, an Irish site run by Cillian at which you can submit or upload quiz questions and then, when Quizbag sells a downloadable quiz pack, you are paid for each of your questions which was included. Quizbag is a growing site and I made 20 Euros last month from my questions on the site.

Other options you can pursue to make money from your quiz writing actvities include:

  1. Listing your service at Freelance websites and hope that someone will find you. Two of the big sites are Freelancer and Elance
  2. Contact firms directly offering your services as a quiz writer. Think of TV companies and mobile phone app companies who make quizzes and start from there.
  3. Run pub quizzes. I've been doing this for years and made a living and had fun. I love it so much, I wrote a book about it.
  4. Start your own site selling quiz packs. There are several of these already and you will need to offer something unique or something specialist to get the business. For example, you might go down the specialist route and only do sports quizzes. Choose something that will suit your own expertise and interest. Setting up your own website need not be a chore these days. A good place for beginners to start might be the kind of integrated e-shop solutions you can find at companies like 1&1 Hosting
How else do you make money from your quiz questions? If you have better ideas, please leave them in the comments below.