Hull: A play called 'Pub Quiz is Life' begins a run today at the Hull Truck Theatre. The Blurb:

"Lee, a soldier returning to Hull from two tours of Afghanistan, joins a losing pub quiz team.    The team is: Lee, specialist subject - "how to kill a man with your bare hands"; Woody,  specialist subject - "hallucinogenic drugs"; and Bunny,  specialist subject - "the containerisation of Hull docks"!   What they need is a bit of class, a bit of history of art, a bit of literature, a bit of posh totty.  Melissa has come to Hull to regenerate the city. Maybe she can be a shot of viagra for a particular East Hull pub quiz team.

A murderous black comedy, set in Hull's black economy, with too many questions and all the wrong answers."

By the author of Toast, Under the Whaleback, Honeymoon Suite and Up on Roof.

The play is written by Richard Bean and if anyone gos to see it, let me know what it's like. It sounds interesting.

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