edinburgh-tramTIE, the company building Edinburgh's trams are under criticism in this spending-outrage article in the Herald, but an interesting detail is that in April 2007, they spent £1032 on a staff quiz night at

the city’s Grosvenor Hilton hotel.

I charge a minimum of £150 for a one-off gig and around £100 a night for regular quiz nights but this story shows that you can charge top dollar if you find the right company.

Even at a grand, a good quiz night could easily be great value for money although the tone of the article suggests outrage on such "frivolous" spending.

For example, an SNP councillor called Steven Cardownie is reported to have said: “I wonder if the first question at the quiz night was, ‘How do you blow a grand of public money’?

Ho ho. That boy could have a career as a comedian if and when he fails to get elected!