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poshI have been tidying up the Entertainment section of the free quiz text questions which has resulted in a few new pages:

Entertainment - Film - Awards - Acting

Entertainment - Film -Taglines

Entertainment - Music - Songs - Firstlines

Entertainment - TV -Characters

Entertainment - TV -Settings

Entertainment - Radio

Entertainment - Theatre

The biggest addition is the Entertainment - Music - Songs - Firstlines page with 90-odd new questions. These questions are all first lines of popular songs (and some obscure ones too). Quizgoers love that tip-of-the-tongue feeling they get from lyric questions. Why not try some in your quiz.


Meanwhile, thanks to Alan Hazlie for pointing out that Scarey Spice had a baby before Posh Spice and was the first Spice to sprog. The question on this page has been accordingly corrected.

desperate_danThis morning I have been updating the Art & Literature Category

The lengthy "words" page has been broken down by the introduction of a new slang page and a new page for questions about technical terms.

Also new is a page specifically for comics, magazines & newspapers, plus another sub-page of books, just for questions about authors.

So, do comics count as Art & Literature? Of course they do. The bloke who drew Desperate Dan had more art in his little finger than some of these so-called 'greats' that you get in galleries. Word up!

If you would like to contribute any free questions to the ever-growing DP Quiz database, do get in touch. I'm all ears.

tape_measureUpdated: All the text-question articles under "Science and Nature", also known as the Green category in Trivial Pursuit.

Also, I have split the Science and Nature (uncategorised) questions, creating a new page for free quiz questions about measurement. This contains questions about clocks and calendars, centimetres and miles, dessert spoons and table spoons.

Have a look!


Dr Paul

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