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sack_of_cashI got an email the other day from a chap in India who wrote:

"Respected Sir, I am writing quiz questions and giving it to an Indian Quiz site as 'Daily Quiz'. Till today I have not received money against my hard work. Please tell me a platform where I can reedem my hard work."

The good news is

Channel_4_logo_drop_shadow_2007I had TV lady Hayley getting in touch recently with a contestant call for an as-yet-un-named Channel 4 show.

She says  "We are making a pilot for a brand new Channel 4 quiz show and would love to hear from you if you would love to test your knowledge in an exciting new quiz format."

She was specifically asking for

top_trumps-dinoHere's a nice little innovation for those of you running the less-serious type of quiz. I've been using Top Trumps for a long time at my quizzes to elminate contestants.

I often use a format where

Alexa logoI found this article with a  few ideas about writing quiz questions based on the Alexa ranking of various websites.

There are some decent ideas in the article, but remember to keep your questions up to date. For example, Facebook may well take over from Google as the number one site sometime this year.

pubquiz_walkThere's a good idea: do a walking otur for tourists or corporate groups and throw in a pub quiz as you go.

This is an enterprise that's happening in London now and you can find out about it at

According to the site, there are 12 of these walks per year, but it looks like these are perhaps concentrated into the summer, as the next one is on March 14th.

150px-Channel_4_New_LogoAnother contestant call has come through, mainly for those of you in the London area. Zeppotron Limited is making a brand new adventure style quiz show pilot for Channel 4 and are looking for contestants to take part.

Auditions are in the capital only and the show is just a pilot but there is a £500 prize pot on offer. is an Irish site, run by Cillian O'Ruanaidh. The site uses tag-based organisation for its questions and sells them in packages of 100 to those looking to put on a quiz.

Cillian was running the site pretty much on his own quiz-labour until recently but has now opened up the site so you can make money too, simply by supplying the site with good-quality quiz questions which can then be sold as part of Quizbag's quiz-packs.

At the time of writing, the deal is that you get paid a percentage of each quiz pack sold which is equal to the number of your questions that appear in that quiz, divided by two. So if a 100-question quiz selling for 20 Euros contains 9 of your questions, you'll get 90 cents.

If this sounds complicated, I can personally tell you it isn't. I've already signed up, submitted some questions and made money. Give it a shot. You may not make as much money as you would going out and doing quiz nights yourself, but there could be a few extra quid for you at the end of the month.

Sign up by going to

IndiaFlag_mapNaveen from Indian site was in touch and he had this to say about the questions on

By the way, I've noticed that the style of quiz questions is quite different in UK when compared to those we have in India. While your questions tend to be on whether on not someone KNOWS a particular bit of trivia, we guys actually try to

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