A new set of questions published today - click through for 20 fresh quiz questions on musical instruments, all multiple-choice and all free for you to use in making your quiz.

A new set of questions published today - click through for 20 fresh quiz questions on the human body, from eyeballs to gall bladderss. All free for you to use in making your quiz.

Will be updating the site more regularly now.

Two new quiz sets for you in the last week: Colours and Valentines Day.

Buzz down!

What do you do at half past ten EVERY weekday? If you're like me, you play along with Popmaster.

Our new Popmaster Scorepad makes it easy to keep your score every day for two and half months in one pad.

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This website has been getting spruced up and updated for 2017.

After putting the site together in 2009, I kind of left it dormant. Consqeuently some of the older questions have drifted out of date or become less-relevant.

Having said that, a lot of them are still perfectly good questions. See disclaimer for guidance.

Anyway, I'm making the site a priority again so look out for lots of new questions.

In the last copuple of weeks I have added these pages:



Books (Multiple Choice)

Flags (Multiple Choice)

Questions in the new articles now come with extra info about the question and a link to a source, so you can check the question yourself.

trad quizmaster without mic.jpgYesterday I posted up a new set of questions on the site under the heading Big Money.

As you will see when you read the set, all new sets posted to DPQuiz.co.uk will now includes links to sources and additional info for quizmasters. Handy!

See the set at: http://dpquiz.co.uk/free-dp-quiz-questions/free-quiz-questions/humans-1/510-big-money

Tulip01I added a a page of free pub quiz questions on plants.

Some of the questions may be repeated under the "uncategorized" sections but I'm planning to get rid of the uncategorized sections anyway and split them into smaller, more focussed pages ...

...when I get a moment!

Added: a new set of questions on everyone's favourite Far East superpower: China.

Click here to go to the questions.

I have promoted this sites links section to the the main menu so you can find other sites and resources of interest more easily

I like to see what

lyric cloud quiz question

The first new picture questions on the site for a while are some interesting Lyric Cloud questions.

To make the pictures I used Wordle.net, which is a great little resource ofr making these kind of questions. I tarted up some of the images with the Gimp but the basic images provided by Wordle itself are easily good enough to use in your quiz.

the best tihng about Wordle is the fact that its a free service. They say you can use the images you create anywhere as long as you give them some credit.


Thanks to Andy Bee in Bournemouth who tipped me off to this 100-question quiz of 2009 on FemaleFirst.co.uk which has plenty of good, up to date 2009 material for quizmasters who need to have stuff from this year.

This is ideal fodder for those Heat-type questions which all you quizmasters are too busy being too grown-up to care about!

In other words, there are questions about SuBo and Gwen Stefani.

New page on DP Quiz - just in time for your Christmas extravaganzas, I've added a page of Xmas questions to the site.