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Dr_Paul_Caricature_275x452Welcome to DP Quiz - the site for Quizmasters. We have free quiz questions (picture and text) and the book so you can learn how to make money as a quizmaster!

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Be On TV... With Your Mum!

12 Yard have a new quiz show coming soon. Auditions in Glasgow on July 9th so get your application form in now.

The idea of the show is that you play with a family member of a different generation. The older player answers first to build up the cash and the younger one then has to answer questions to win or lose the money. It has a working title  "DON’T BLOW THE INHERITANCE". Nice!

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Going Past Wikipedia To Get The Facts

map_of_indiaI've been getting into the habit of going past Wikipedia and going to the source and now I've got a concrete example of a difference in outcomes.

The example is countries with Muslim populations. Wikipedia is (currently) telling me that India has more Muslims than
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