Free Quiz Questions on Dr Paul Quiz

All of the free quiz questions on this site are either written or edited by Dr Paul Quiz and every effort is made to make sure they are correct and keep them up-to-date.


However, please note that you are responsible for checking your own facts before using the questions in in your own event.

This is very important, particularly if its a life or death quiz situation or one which involves either a sum of money or your own reputation.

Facts sometimes change and when dealing with quiz questions from this site and from others you are strongly advised to check the latest information.

This is particularly true of questions that can easily go out of date such as "How old is Europe's oldest man?" or "What is the world record high jump?"

Countries, capitals and flags can sometimes change and, especially in showbiz and celebrity questions, subjects you could comfortably ask about a few years ago are simply no longer relevant to a general audience. The website has been somewhat dormant for a few years and there are a lot of older questions. This will remain the case for a short time while I get some new quiz articles ready for publication.

Use your common sense as a guide to help decide when it's worth looking up a question. If in any doubt, the advice is to look it up yourself.

More information and advice on this subject of checking your facts is available in my e-book How To Make £100 a Night (Or More) As A Pub Quizmaster.

Meanwhile, if you think you've spotted a mistake in any of the questions, or if you want to ask for any clarification about any of the questions, please get in touch, and I will always be happy to hear from you and correct the mistakes.


Dr Paul