Perfect one-off quiz night.

Download-and-print. Includes picture round built into the play sheets (minimizes printing).

One person acts as quizmaster, everyone else plays (either individually or as a team).

This is a perfect one-off quiz night.Ideal for end-of-week office quiz, one off staff night, birthday party, family gathering, dinner party, etc etc,

A fully formatted quiz night with excellent questions and an exciting format which guarantees a close finish. The questions are carefully selected to be challenging for brainiacs while being accesible for novices.


45 mins - 75 mins

How It Works

This is a download-and-print quiz night. Print out sheets required (one per team).

One person acts as quizmaster, everyone else plays (either individually or as a team).

You get:

  1. Quizmaster Sheet
  2. Play Sheet (includes picture round)
  3. Full Instructions + Pro Quizmaster Tip Sheet
  4. References - web addresses for the facts behind the questions
  5. Scoresheet

The Questions

The level of difficulty is nicely set between too-easy and too-hard. Everyone should be able to compete and everyone should be challenged.

The questions are meticulously prepared and most of them include extra info which can be interesting by itself and will also sometimes help the quizmaster to understand the question,

and guaranteed to be correct.

Who Can Be The QM?

Anyone who can read should be able to act as quizmaster. Instrucitons are easy-to-follow. No specialist knowledge required.


The questions in the Dr Paul Quiz Night are thoroughly well fact-checked and reserached. But you are also provided with web references for every question so that in unlikely event of any dispute between players, you can quickly check it out. As far as I'm aware, no other download-and-print quiz provider offers this level of checks on the factuality of the questions. You can trust your old pal Dr Paul!

Dr Paul

The whole quiz is prepared by Dr Paul, Edinburgh-based quiz legend who uses 20+ years of experience writing questions and running popular pub quizzes to know what material to put in and what to leave out.

Dr Paul says:

"The quiz


Downloadable Eurovision Song Contest Quiz



Includes questions up to date with the 2018 ESC and the quiz overall comes from a British point of view.

There are easy enough questions (including a mmultiple-choice round) so that even novices can score points but there are a couple of more difficult questions to test the Eurovision expert.



Keep your score on Britain's greatest daily radio quiz with this handy pad.

popmaster pad 1

One pad contains 50 sheets, enough for about 2 and a half months of Popmaster.

FREE postage

2 for £6.00

5 for £12.00

Buy more than one pad: one of these pads makes a great little no-reason-just-thought-you'd-like-this gift for someone you know who loves playing popmaster and never answers the phone between half ten and quarter to eleven.

Cardboard backing.

Size: A6 (roughly 10 x 15 cm). Just the right size to keep next to the radio.