Free Quiz Questions about the characters in popular television shows.

  1. In the TV cop show Bergerac, what was Jim Bergerac’s vice: drinking, gambling or underage girls?


  2. Peter Falk played the famous TV detective Columbo, but did he have a false eye, a false leg or a false arm?

    False eye [glass]

  3. Who did readers of What’s On TV magazine vote best British TV detective of all time: Morse, Frost or Regan?

    DI Jack Frost

  4. First names of the two main female characters in Men Behaving Badly?

    Dorothy and Debs

  5. In Allo Allo what was the name of the gay German character with the little tank which he kept threatening to drive through Rene’s café?

    Lieutenant Gruber

  6. In televison and film, who always dies in 'South Park'?


  7. Lenny Leonard & Carl Carlson are the best friends & work colleagues of who?

    Homer Simpson

  8. Lone Ranger and Tonto. What does "Tonto" mean in the Indian language it was taken form? "brave", "left-handed" or "stupid"?


  9. On television – who married Marjorie Bouvier?

    Homer Simpson

  10. On television, in 'Dad's Army', what was the first name of Captain Mainwaring's wife?


  11. On television, what was the name of Perry Mason's secretary?

    Della Street

  12. On television, who or what does Buffy kill?


  13. What is Jennifer Aniston's character name in Friends, including her surname?

    Rachel Green

  14. What planet does Mork come from in Mork and Mindy?

    Ork, Boulder.

  15. What sitcom included characters: Patsy,Edina,Bubbles and Saffy?

    Absolutely Fabulous

  16. What was the name of Dame Edna Everage’s husband


  17. What was the name of Ronnie Barker’s character in the jail sitcom ‘Porridge’

    Norman Stanley Fletcher (or Fletcher/Fletch)

  18. What was the name of Ted Danson’s character in Cheers?

    Sam Malone

  19. Which fictional TV character has had companions or assistants called Rose, Martha, Tegan, Adam, Kamelion and Ace?

    Doctor Who

  20. Which one of the A Team was the Pilot whenever they had to fly something: Hannibal, Murdock, Face or BA?


  21. Which one of the main six characters from the TV show Friends had the middle name “Muriel”?

    Chandler Muriel Bing (accept Chandler)

  22. Which TV sea captain sailed in The Black Pig?

    Captain Pugwash

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