Free Quiz Questions from around the continent of Asia. Subjects include currencies, capitals, flags and languages.

  1. How long is the Great Wall of China: four hundred, four thousand or four million miles?

    4000 miles

  2. How many hours is Tokyo ahead of the UK?

    9 hours

  3. Which Asian country (starting with the letter C) is home to the world's shortest people - withan average height of 162 cm?


  4. What do Fillipinos eat at their Christmas feast: cheese and ham, egg and bacon or bread and salt?

    cheese and ham

  5. Name any one of the top-three potato-producing countries in the world?

    china, Russia, India

  6. What are mad project are Chinese scientists currently attempting: put a man on the moon, build a new wall round the whole country or dig a tunnel to the centre of the Earth!

    Chinaman on the moon

  7. What does the name Singapore mean: City of Monkeys, City of Elephants or City of Lions?

    City of Lions

  8. Kerala, Bihar and Assam are all states in which country?


  9. What is the capital of Pakistan


  10. Which Asian country has 700 ski resorts – the most in the world?


  11. According to latest height statistics, who are the taller: Japanese people or Chinese people?


  12. Which city in Rajasthan, India has riding breeches named after it?


  13. Which of these is the real name of a mountain in the Muslim country of Kyrgystan: Mount Jesus Christ, Mount Santa Claus, or Mount Noel Edmonds?

    Mount Santa Claus (renamed in 2007 to attract tourists)

  14. What is the largest city in India? (by population)?

    Mumbai (also known as Bombay)

  15. What two Asian countries share the summit of Mount Everest?

    Nepal and Tibet (China)

  16. Is Christmas Day an official public holiday in China?


  17. Which Asian country has a capital city called Pyongyang?

    North Korea

  18. Which country has borders with both Afghanistan and India?


  19. Which is the biggest country (in terms of area): United Kingdom or Pakistan?


  20. What is the currency of Pakistan called: the pound, the dollar or the rupee?


  21. Which country has borders with both China and North Korea?


  22. Muslims make pilgrimages to Mecca but where is Mecca: Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Israel?

    Saudi Arabia

  23. What is the largest city [by population] in China: Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong?


  24. Are there more Sunni Muslims or Shiite Muslims in Iraq


  25. Which language do Japanese people find easier to learn: English or Spanish?


  26. What is the capital of Hong Kong?


  27. Which sea lies between Korea and Shanghai?

    Yellow Sea

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