Free Quiz Questions on Humans (uncategorised). Topics include: cabbages, UFOs and hen nights.

  1. How much does the average British adult spend, per head, on eating out every week? [figure includes booze with meal - figures from 2006]


  2. What is the top price ever paid for a stamp by a stamp collector: £200,000, £2million or £20 million?


  3. An Australian madman called Les Stewart typed out all the numbers from one to a million with one finger in words (not digits) How long did it take him? 16 weeks, 16 months or 16 years?

    16 years

  4. A man from Hampshire set up a website to worship KFC as he spends £100 a month on KFC products. How much does he weigh: 8, 14, 18 stones?

    18 stones

  5. What do you get if you add up the number of hoops on a croquet court, vowels in the Greek alphabet, and countries which border Germany?

    22 (6 hoops, 7 vowels, 9 countries)

  6. Britain’s heaviest trucker is from England. How heavy is he? 28, 38, or 48 stones?

    38 stones

  7. According to new figures out this week – what percentage of British babies are born outside of wedlock?

    42 per cent

  8. In summer 2000, a forty stone woman in Glasgow fell and couldn’t get up. How many firemen did it eventually take to lift her back up?

    5 firemen

  9. Who are the safest drivers in Britain? Drivers in their 30s, drivers in their 40s, or drivers in their 50s?

    50 year olds

  10. How many stag and hen nights take place in Dublin on an average weekend? 100, 600 or 2000?

    600 stag/hen night

  11. What is the longest someone has DJd for non-stop before falling asleep?

    124 hours (as of June 2009)

  12. Why did 1000 Bulgarians all turn up at the same airfield at the same time on the same day in September 1997? Was it to see a witch being burnt to death? Was it to see a man attempt to spontaneously combust OR was it to welcome the decent of aliens from space to Earth?


  13. In the year 2000 Bertie the Bullock made news in Dundee when he escaped from the slaughterhouse and ran across the Tay Bridge. What happened when he was he recaptured? Saved by Animal Sanctuary, awarded freedom of the City by the Council or was he slaughtered?

    Animal Sanctuary

  14. In 2000 a goatherd in drought-stricken Kenya was stoned to death by a bunch of baboons who nicked his water. The Sun newspaper responded by turning a John Steinbeck novel into the appropriate headline - what was it?

    Apes of Wrath

  15. Football is the biggest participation sport in Scotland, but what is the second: golf, badminton or bowls?


  16. A recent BBC Radio 4 poll asked listeners to vote for the greatest invention ever. What came top of the poll: computer, telephone or bicycle?


  17. A bird breeder from Scotland has won best budgie in the world title with his budgie called Misty Marvel. What does he say is his secret feeding weapon? Broccoli, Ice –cream or Vodka?


  18. Which of these things is/was the tallest? Ronnie Corbett, Napoleon Bonaparte or the largest cabbage in the world ever?


  19. Which of these Scottish name is in the current (2005) UK top ten names for a baby boy: Callum, Hamish or Ewan?


  20. Which country has more registered ice hockey players than any other?


  21. According to a recent UK survey: what subject concerns young people (aged 11-25 years) the most: global warming, cancer or student debt?


  22. Which one of these girls names is NOT in the current top ten (2005) UK baby names: Claire, Jessica or Sophie?


  23. What kind of things disappeared in an odd crime wave which hit Perth, Scotland in 1998: clothes from washing lines, wheelie bins or garden gates?

    Clothes from washing lines

  24. Hong Kong is being overrun by monkeys: what are they doing about it – are they catching them and injecting them with contraceptive chemicals or are they just shooting the monkeys dead?


  25. Who are rated by insurance companies as more dangerous: drivers in their teens or drivers in their 80s?


  26. Are there more people living in Scotland called Elizabeth Taylor, William Wallace or Elvis Presley?

    Elizabeth Taylor

  27. Has Steven Gough, the naked rambler, actually finished his walk from Lands End to John O Groats, or is he still stuck in some Highland Jail somewhere?

    Finished Jan

  28. What does English vicar Viv Parkinson do to make his services more interesting: does he play electric guitar, does he run a bingo game or does he perform fire-eating?

    Fire Eating

  29. In 1998, rabbits reached epidemic proportions on the South Downs. What did Eastbourne borough council do about the problem? Shoot them, gas them or electrocute them?


  30. According to a survey by an insurance company: people with which star sign are the most accident prone: Capricorn or Gemini?


  31. What was different about Steven Gough's walk from Lands End to John O Groats in 2005-06

    He did the whole walk naked

  32. According to a survey for an insurance company, Guys with which first name are the worst and most accident-prone drivers in Britain: Matthew, Jason or Darren?


  33. Japan, 1998. A groom was furious when he discovered that his bride had no friends and had hired 40 actors to play the part of her friends at the church. What did the groom do when he found out? Did he try to kill the bride, Did he try to kill himself or did he try to kill all of the fake guests?

    Kill Himself

  34. According to recent figures, what does the average person spend most time doing: watching TV, Listening to Radio or Surfing The Internet?

    Listening radio

  35. A man in Thailand has just married for the ninth time. What does he eat to stay virile? Six watermelons a day, Three lizards a day or one leopard a month.


  36. A few years ago, 90 monkeys at Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland, had to be put down after they caught a foot-and-mouth- type virus. How did they do it? Lethal injections, death by gassing or were crack marksmen hired to pick them off one-by one?


  37. According to a survey of premium bond winners: what is the luckiest first name in the UK: Matthew, Paul or David?


  38. According to 2007 survey of 25 year olds – would most people prefer to lose their wallet or their mobile phone?

    Most would rather lose wallet

  39. According to a survey of 25 year olds – would most people prefer to lose their wallet or their mobile phone?

    Most would rather lose wallet

  40. On a "zoot suit", are the ankles wider than the knee, narrower than the knee, or the same width as the knee?


  41. Where would you most usually see engraved the words “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”?

    On the edge of a £2 coin

  42. Several bizarre items were found impaled on railings all around Liverpool September 1999. What were the objects? Were they watermelons, footballs or pigs’ heads?

    Pigs Heads

  43. What did Walter Raleigh ask for as his last request before he was executed: A pipe of tobacco, a glass of wine or a plate of scrambled eggs, or a posh wank?


  44. What does English farmer David Cartwright do to fatten up his turkeys for Christmas? Does he play them pop music over speakers, does he show them videos of other Turkeys or does he paint the barn pink?

    Pop music

  45. A guy called Daniel from Namibia has reached 112 years old. To what does he ascribe his longevity? Porridge and Sex, Whisky and cigarettes or coffee and watermelons?

    Porridge and sex

  46. According to a new survey: would most young people like to be famous, or would they rather remain non-famous

    Rather remain obscure

  47. What is the most common pub name in Britain? Clue: it's a combination of a colour and an animal.

    Red Lion

  48. A story from CHAT magazine, 1997: There was a young boy who could not laugh. For years he only grunted or screamed until one day he saw something that made him laugh out loud properly for the first time in his life. What was it? Episode of Scooby Doo, Episode of Telletubbies or his dad falling into a canal?

    Scooby Doo

  49. What does Bill Heine have sticking out of the roof of his otherwise normal terraced house in Oxford? A 25ft shark, a 25ft bus or a 25ft effigy of Elvis?


  50. A few years ago, Italy’s oldest man (Antonio Todde) died aged 112. How did he die? Did he have a heart attack after falling down a flight of stairs, was he shot dead by the Mafia or did he die peacefully in his sleep?


  51. What part of a garment might be Raglan


  52. Recently a governor’s mansion was broken into in Nigeria by a group of monkeys. What was the worst of the damage? Did they steal a load of jewellery, did they smash the governor’s teapot or did they pee in his fridge?

    Smashed teapot

  53. What do you get if you dial 123?

    Speaking Clock

  54. Summer y2k: A cow got loose in Mold, Wales and entered a branch of Shoefare. What happened next? Did the cow start eating shoes, did it lose the plot, go berserk and jump through the plate glass window at the front of the shop, or did it calmly stand at the counter as if waiting to get served?

    the cow went crazy and jumped right through the window

  55. In Japan, 1998. A groom was furious when he discovered that his bride had no friends and had hired 40 actors to play the part of her friends at the church. What did the groom do when he found out? Did he try to kill the bride, Did he try to kill himself or did he try to kill all of the fake guests

    tried to kill himself

  56. What has Bonnybridge near Falkirk become famous for over the last couple of years? (Clue: it’s for stuff that mainly happens at night)


  57. Survey asked Brits which country they would most like to live in outside the UK. What was favourite? France, Spain or USA?


  58. What unusual crime wave hit Perth, Scotland in 1998? Clothes disappearing off washing lines, garden gnomes being kidnapped or pigs heads being left overnight in the city centre?

    Washing line crimes

  59. Who are safer drivers officially: men or women?


  60. Who have longer lifespans in the UK these days: men or women?


  61. Iyengar and Hatha are two types of...


  62. When the RAF fly citizens home from Civil-War-Type global conflict hotspots: is the service free or do you have to pay?

    You have to pay

  63. In a deck of Tarot cards – the Death card is number 13


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