Free What Year Quiz Questions on old stuff (before 1950). Includes what-century and what-decade questions.

  1. What century? Joan of Arc burnt at the stake, some German bloke invented the printing press and King Henry 8th was born.

    15th century

  2. What century: Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel, Henry 8th died and Sir Francis Drake sailed round the world

    16th century

  3. In which century did Walter Raleigh bring potatoes and tobacco from the new world back to Britain?

    16th century

  4. What century: Dom Perignon invented champagne, the microscope was invented AND Oliver Cromwell died

    17th century

  5. What century did all of these things happen: Great Fire of London, Champagne was invented by Dom Perignon and Isaac Newton invented gravity

    17th century

  6. What year was the American Declaration of Independence from Britain?


  7. What century were roller skates invented?


  8. Which century did Robert Burns die?

    18th (1796)

  9. What century: Isaac Newton died, Vivaldi wrote the Four Season and Captain Cook found Australia.

    18th century

  10. what century? First hot air balloon went up, Rabbie Burns died and George Washington became 1st US president

    18th century

  11. In which century did Dick Turpin live?

    18th century (1706 - 1739)

  12. What year: The Eiffel Tower was completed, Adolf Hitler was born and so was Charlie Chaplin?


  13. What decade: barbed wire was invented, the Suez canal opened and slavery was abolished in the USA by the 13th amendment to the US constitution?


  14. What decade did all these people die?? Karl Marx, Billy The Kid and Charles Darwin?


  15. In which decade was the fist petrol car driven in Britain?


  16. What century? Louis Braille invents Braille, the Bronte sisters were all born and Nelsons column was erected

    19th century

  17. What year: women were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games for the first time and tea bags were invented?


  18. In which decade was under-18 drinking first banned in the UK?


  19. What decade did the first Winter Olympics took place, and the comedian Bob Monkhouse was born?


  20. What decade: electric guitar invented, the first winter Olympics took place and the BBC was created.


  21. What decade? Sliced bread was invented, The Queen was born and BBC Radio began broadcasting


  22. What year: Michael Caine was born, Hitler became the ruler of Germany and King Kong was out at the movies?


  23. What year was the Dalai Lama born?


  24. What year: The Hobbit was published, actor Jack Nicholson was born and Snow White and The Seven Dwarves was out at the movies


  25. What year: The first issue of The Beano was published, Italy won the world cup in France and Terry Wogan was born


  26. What decade: the first edition of the Beano was published, the Driving Test was introduced in the UK, and Wizard of Oz was out at the movies


  27. What decade: The Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in Australia, JRR Tolkein wrote The Hobbit and driving tests were introduced for the first time in Britain?


  28. What year: Pele was born, John Lennon was born and The first ever Bugs Bunny cartoon was made,


  29. What year were all these people born: Michael Howard, Bob Dylan and Linda McCartney


  30. What year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour – bringing the USA into the Second World War?


  31. Neil Kinnock, Martin Scorcese, Barbara Streisand and Stephen Hawking were all born in the same year. Which year?


  32. What year was the first ever photo-finish technology used in British horse-racing. Get within ten years for the points.


  33. What year: India became independent from Britain, OJ Simpson, Brian May born


  34. What year did London last host the Olympic Games in the 20th century?


  35. What year: the NHS was started, Mahatma Ghandi was assassinated and Noel Edmonds was born


  36. What year were all of these people born: Prince Charles, Noel Edmonds and Ozzy Osbourne?


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