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pubquiz_walkThere's a good idea: do a walking otur for tourists or corporate groups and throw in a pub quiz as you go.

This is an enterprise that's happening in London now and you can find out about it at

According to the site, there are 12 of these walks per year, but it looks like these are perhaps concentrated into the summer, as the next one is on March 14th.

chorlton_pub_quizSky Sport prices are going up and publicans are considering other options, including hiring pub quizzes, according to this great article on The Publican website.

From a quiz perspective there are some interesting figures from a pub called the Three Compasses in North London where the landlord found that “Sky-related customers” spent £4.50 per head, about a pint and a half, per event (gross profit £2.25) compared to quiz night customers, who spent

English Quiz company Quiz Quiz Quiz have created a quiz app for iphone which you can find at

You need an iphone or and ipod touch but David McGaughey from Quiz Quiz Quiz says they are planning to launch for other formats too.

Quizmaster Book

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