Free Quiz Questions on TV soaps and serials.

  1. How did Jim Robinson die in neighbours? Heart Attack, Car Smash or fatal kitchen accident involving a blender and a gay person.

    heart attack

  2. Anne Charleston, currently playing Lily Butterfield in ‘Emmerdale’, played which character in ‘Neighbours’ ?

    Madge Bishop

  3. Knot's Landing was an American Soap Opera. But what program was it a spin-off from?


  4. Neighbours, Brookside, Friends: which show gets the highest UK viewing figures?

    Neighbours by miles.

  5. The showbiz world today (1999) mourns the death of Anne Haddy. What soap opera character did Anne Haddy play for eleven years?

    Helen Daniels

  6. Which Ill fated 1980s Soap Opera set in a market in Birmingham?

    Albion Market

  7. Which legendary Australian soap opera character has been played since the 1980s by Ray Meagher?

    Alf Stewart (Home & Away)

  8. Which member of the Spice Girls once had a bit part in Eastenders when she played a mugger?

    Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

  9. Alf Stewart out of Home & Away is always says “Flaming Galah” but what is a galah: A bird, a fish or a mammal?


  10. In the suburb of which Australian city is Erinsborough, home of Neighbours supposed to be?


  11. In which West of Scotland town is the soap opera River City filmed?


  12. Is HRH The Queen a big fan of Eastenders who never misses an episode or has she hardly ever seen it in her life?

    She doesn't watch it

  13. On which soap opera did Status Quo recently make a guest appearance: Eastenders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale?

    Coronation Street

  14. What English city is the setting for the TV soap opera Hollyoaks?


  15. What name is shared by the Britney Spears film which came out in 2002 and a TV soap opera which was set in the English Midlands?


  16. What was the name of the early 90s TV soap-opera made by the BBC all about British expats living in the Spanish resort of El Barcos


  17. When Barbara Windsor met the queen she asked HRH if she ever watched Eastenders. What did the Queen say? Does she NEVER miss it, does she watch it now and again or has she NEVER seen a single episode?

    The Queen NEVER watches Eastenders because she is too posh

  18. Which Australian soap opera featured a school headmaster who was nicknamed “Flathead”?

    Home and Away (character’s actual name was Donald Fisher)

  19. What number Ramsay Street did Karl and Susan Kennedy live at in Ramsey Street: 8, 18 or 28 [clue: same number that Des and Daphne used to live in]!?

    number 28

  20. What was the name of the lesbian character played by Anna Friel in Brookside?

    Beth Jordache

  21. Which TV presenter played herself in an episode of Brookside in 2000: Carol Vorderman, Carol Smillie or Charlie Dimmock?

    Carol Smillie

  22. Which former `Eastenders` actor narrated the TV series `Paddington Green`?

    Ross Kemp

  23. Which TV Channel’s first ever programme was a soap opera called Family Affairs: Channel 4, Five or BBC3

    Channel 5

  24. Who once turned up playing a surfer in an episode of Home & Away? John Cleese, Michael Palin or Billy Connolly?

    Michael Palin

  25. Which TV show got the most viewers on Christmas Day 2003: Eastenders, Coronation Street or The Queen’s Speech?


  26. Which TV soap won the BAFTA this year (2006): Coronation Street, Eastenders or Emmerdale?


  27. Does the Queen watch Eastenders all the time, does she see it now and then does she never watch it?

    Never watches it.

  28. In Eastenders, are the vegetables used on the market stalls genuine real vegetables or are they pretend plastic vegetables?

    Real veg

  29. Stars from which British soap opera have had the most top 40 hits: Eastenders or Coronation Street?


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