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Free Quiz Questions about pop music hits from the 1990s

  1. In a list of the top selling acts of the 1990s (in the British Singles Charts), 1st is Madonna, 2nd is Wacko Jacko.. 3rd is a British act... who?

    Take That

  2. In pop music, who had a 1990s reggae hit called 'Dedicated To The One I Love' ?

    Bitty McLean

  3. In pop music, who had a number one hit in 1998 with a double A-Side 'Heartbeat' and 'Tragedy' ?


  4. In pop music, who had chart success with 'Teardrop' in 1998?

    Massive Attack

  5. KD Lang's highest charting hit of the 90s was a duet called "Crying" which she performed with which dead man?

    Roy Orbison

  6. Kula Shaker had 2 songs in the 90s that got to number 2 in the charts. Name them for a point each.

    Hush, Hey Dude

  7. Los del Rio and Los Del mar both had hits in 1996 with one song: What is the name of the song?


  8. Metallica's biggest hit of the 90s is about a character that makes children sleep. What was it called?

    Enter Sandman

  9. Name all three of the Verve's top ten singles in the 1990s

    Drugs Don't Work, Bittersweet Symphony, Lucky Man

  10. Name either number ofThe Prodigy's two number one hits singles, both of which came in 1996?

    Firestarter or Breathe

  11. Name the highest charting hit single for Basement Jaxx (it was a hit in 1999)?


  12. Nirvana had three top ten hits: Smells Like Teen Spirit was one, what were the other two?

    Come as You Are, Heart Shaped Box

  13. Oasis hold the record for the longest ever record to be a number one single (9minutes 38secs) what was the name of the record (hit in 1998)?

    All Around The World

  14. PJ & Duncan had four top twenty hits in n1995. Name 2 of them.

    our radio rocks, stuck on u, u krazy katz, perfect

  15. Snap had a few hits in early 90s. Name their two number ones.


  16. The Farm were famous for fifteen minutes in 1990 when they had two top ten singles. What were they?

    All Together Now and Groovy Train.

  17. The Manic Street Preachers had their first number one hit single in 1998 what was it's rather long title?

    If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next

  18. What name of a James Bond movie gave the band Ash a chart hit in 1996?


  19. What time of day featured in the title of the KLF's only number one hit of the 90s?

    3am (song was called "3am Eternal")

  20. What TV characters gave Catatonia the name of their highest charting single of the 1990s?

    Mulder & Scully

  21. What US singers debut on the UK Charts was called "All I Wanna Do" and was a hit in 1994?

    Sheryl Crow

  22. What was Fatboy Slim's only number one hit single in the 1990s?

    Praise You

  23. What was Simple Minds' first UK top ten hit of the 1990s: Stand By Love, Love Song or Let There Be Love?

    Let There Be Love (no.6 1991)

  24. What was the most played record on British radio in 1998: Robbie Williams' Angels, Cher's Believe or Getin' Jiggy Wit' It by Will Smith?


  25. What was the name of the hit record Tom Jones had with the Cardigans in 1999?

    Burnin Down The House

  26. What was the name of The Verve’s only ever number one hit in the UK singles charts?

    The Drugs Don’t Work

  27. What was the only song of the 1990s to include the word 'house' in the title?

    Country House (by Blur - 1995)

  28. What was the title of U2s first UK number one: Desire, Fire, or The Fly?

    Desire (1988)

  29. What were Pulp’s only two top five singles of the 90s? (both 1995)

    Mis-Shapes/ Sorted For E’s And Wizz and Common People

  30. What were the names of either of Michael Jackson's two number one singles in the UK chart in 1995?

    You Are Not Alone and Earth Song.

  31. What were the top two hits of the Corrs? (99 and 2000)

    Runaway and Breathless

  32. Which American band's biggest UK hit was 'Love Shack' in 1990?

    B 52s

  33. Which Britpop band had hits in 1998 called A Liitle Soul and Party Hard?


  34. Which Brothers' had four top ten hits in the 90s including 'Setting Sun' and 'Block Rockin' Beats'?

    Chemical Brothers

  35. Which group had a top ten hit with 'Waterfalls' in 1995?


  36. Which halloween-y sounding pop band had number one hits in the 1990s called 'C’est La Vie' and 'Rollercoaster'?


  37. Which million-selling UK rock act's 1994 debut single was called 'Supersonic'?


  38. Which of the political parties used a song by D:Ream for their 1997 general election? bonus for the song

    Labour, Things Can Only Get Better

  39. Which of these acts did NOT have a number one hit single in the UK charts during the 1990s: Erasure,U2or Stereophonics?


  40. Which of these Scottish bands have had most top ten hit singles in the UK charts in the 90s: Texas, Travis or Deacon Blue?


  41. Which one-word title gave Travis their first top ten hit in 1999?


  42. Which US rock band had 90s hits called "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" and "Why Don’t You Get A Job?"

    The Offspring

  43. Who had 2 big hits in 1993 called Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong? Saw Doctors or Spin Doctors?

    Spin Doctors

  44. Who had 90s hits called "Up & Down" and "Boom Boom Boom Boom"?


  45. Who had hits in the 90s called "Trippin' on Sunshine" and "Happiness" and "Sex on The Streets"?

    Pizzaman (alias Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim)

  46. Who had more UK top ten hit singles in the 1990s: Take That, Boyzone or Backstreet Boys?


  47. Who had the least top ten hits in the UK charts: Take That, Boyzone or Westlife?

    Take That had 11, others 16

  48. Who had the most top ten hits in the 90s: Stone Roses, Happy Mondays or Inspiral Carpets?

    Stone Roses

  49. Who had two number one hits in the 1990s called Saviour's Day and Millennium Prayer?

    Cliff Richard

  50. Who recorded the longest ever single to get to number one in the UK? Was it Boyzone, Oasis or Queen

    Oasis: All Around The World (9minutes 38 seconds)

  51. Who were the only band whose name starts with the letter I to have a number one hit UK single in the 1990s?

    Iron Maiden [bring your daughter to the slaughter – 1991]

  52. Who’s had most top ten hits in the UK singles charts in the 1990s: Travis, Suede or The Verve?


  53. Who's had more 1990s top ten hits in the UK singles chart: Barbara Streisand or Metallica?

    Metallica (3 vs 2)

  54. Who's had the most top tens in the UK singles chart in the 1990s: MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice or RUN DMC?

    The Hammer

  55. During the mid 1990s, which British pop group were responsible for the Christmas Number One three years in a row?

    Spice Girls

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