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Free Quiz Questions about hit pop music from the 1980s

  1. Which girl group had a top 3 hit in 1984 called "Robert de Niro's Waiting"?


  2. Who 'Walked Like an Egyptian'?


  3. Who’s had more top ten hits in the UK singles chart in the 1980s: Belinda Carlisle or Sinead o Connor?

    Belinda Carlisle

  4. Which of these bands had most top ten hits in the 1980s: Hue and Cry, Aztec Camera or Big Country?

    Big Country

  5. Which human disaster was the charity single "You'll never walk alone" recorded for in 1985?

    Bradford Fire Disaster

  6. The name of which sea featured in Billy Ocean`s first number one single?

    Caribbean (song was called Caribbean Queen)

  7. Who had a top ten hit in Switzerland in 1989 with a song about Pingu, the animated penguin: Mc Hammer, David Hassellhoff or William Shatner?

    David Hassellhoff

  8. What was the name of the band that Pete Burns fronted for his famous 1985 hit "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)?

    Dead or Alive

  9. Which Christmas song was the UK’s biggest-selling pop single of the 1980s?

    Do They Know It’s Christmas' by Band Aid

  10. What was the biggest selling single in the UK of the whole 1980s?

    Do They Know Its Christmas' by Band Aid

  11. Which British band whose name begins with the letter E had 9 top ten hits in the UK singles chart in the 1980s? Clues: male and female act and the singer was from Aberdeen?


  12. What was the only record with the word “green” in the title which was a UK number one hit in the 1980s?

    Green Door (Shakin Stevens - 1981)

  13. Which American rock band named after a body-part had a UK top ten hit single in 1987 with a song called 'Alone'?


  14. What 1987 smash hit was the name of Belinda Carlisle's only number one single in UK?

    Heaven Is A Place on Earth

  15. Name any one of the Smiths top ten hits of the 1980s?

    Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Sheila Take A Bow, This Charming Man

  16. What was the title of the 1989 debut hit by Texas (which charted again in 2001 as a remix)?

    I don’t want a lover

  17. What song with a weather-related title gave Shakin Stevens a top ten hit in 1981?

    It's Raining

  18. Who had a number one hit in the late 80s called 'Sealed With a Kiss'?

    Jason Donovan

  19. Which of these groups had most top tens in the UK singles chart in the 1980s: U2, Queen or Madness

    Madness (14 top tens - the others both had 10)

  20. In 1983, which novelty pop act had a hit single in the reggae style with a song called "007"?

    Musical Youth

  21. What politician's name gave Special AKA a top ten hit in 1984?

    Nelson Mandela

  22. What number took singer Paul Hardcastle to number one in the 1980s?


  23. Which Paul had a 1980s hit with a song called '19'?

    Paul Hardcastle

  24. Who was number one in the singles chart at the start of the 1980s: Floyd, Queen, Doctor Hook

    Pink Floyd

  25. Which act had most 80s top ten hits in the UK singles chart: Sister Sledge, Swing Out Sister or Pointer Sisters?

    Pointer Sisters

  26. Which pop act from Leeds only top ten hit was called "The King of Rock and Roll"? Clue: their name had something to do with vegetables?

    Prefab Sprout.

  27. Who recorded the 80s hit 'Purple Rain'?


  28. Which English rock band released a song in 1984 called Thank God It's Christmas?


  29. Three records with the word “RED” in their title got to number one in the 1980s. Name any one of them?

    Red Red Wine (UB40, 1983), 99 Red Balloons (Nena,1984) Lady in Red (Chris de Burgh, 1986)

  30. Which Welsh singer’s first UK number one hit single was called 'This Ole House' in 1981?

    Shakin Stevens

  31. In 1983, what became the Eurythmics first UK top ten single and was later covered by Marilyn Manson?

    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

  32. Who walked like an Egyptian into the charts in 1986?

    The Bangles

  33. Which band teamed with legendary guitar player B.B. King for the 1989 hit 'When Love Comes To Town'?


  34. Which of these acts had hore Top Ten Hits in the UK singles chart in the 1980s: Level 42 or UB40?


  35. The David Hasselhoff song Looking for Freedom is often linked to the fall of the Berlin Wall, but did it ever reach No.1 in the German charts?


  36. Name any of Phil Collins's three number one hit singles?

    You Can't Hurry Love, Easy Lover, Groovy Kind of Love

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