Free Quiz Questions about crime, naughtiness, controversy and otherwise failing to play by society's rules!

  1. Gary Glitter was fined £5 million Vietnamese Dong for child sex in 2006 – how much did this convert to in GBP at the time?


  2. How many murders was Rosemary West charged with committing?

    10 murders

  3. How long did child porn pervert extraordinaire Gary Glitter actually spend in jail over Christmas 1999 and New Year 2000?

    2 months

  4. According to his own press releases, how much grass does Jamaican singer Beenie Man smoke in a day: a quarter-ounce an ounce or 2 whole ounces?

    2 ounces

  5. How long was Lord Archer locked up for? (perjury and perverting justice)

    4 years

  6. How old was Oliver Reed when he died of booze in Malta a couple of years ago?

    61 years old

  7. What were George Clooney's favourite drugs at college? Acid, Speed or Marijuana?


  8. What drug was Mick Jagger get 3 months jail for possessing in the 1960s: cannabis, heroin or amphetamines?


  9. Who smokes the most grass on a daily basis: Beanie Man, Afro Man or Jimmy Saville?

    Beanie Man (2oz grass per day)

  10. What European capital city was Michael Jackson in when he dangled his baby over a hotel balcony in 2002?


  11. By what nickname was Wild West character William Bonney better known?

    Billy The Kid

  12. Who introduced the Beatles to smoking pot? Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix or Cilla Black?

    Bob Dylan

  13. What’s the name of Whitney Houston’s ex-husband who was always getting into trouble for battering her and drink driving, etc?

    Bobby Brown

  14. Who was notorious for doing NAZI salutes in the 1970s? Freddie Mercury or David Bowie?


  15. Who did the Sun say had eight weeks to live in 1986: George Best, Boy George or George Michael?

    Boy George (he was on heroin at the time)

  16. When The Who’s bass player John Entwistle died in a Las Vegas hotel in 2002, which drug was he full of? Was it heroin, cocaine or booze?


  17. Which bad-boy pop idol was once arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace by the police after laying out a man with one punch. Was it Will Young, Gareth Gates or Darius?


  18. Which Scottish pop star was once arrested by the police after laying out a man with a single punch: Alex Kapranos out of Franz Ferdinand, Marti Pellow out of Wet Wet Wet or Darius?


  19. Which highwayman rode the horse Black Bess?

    Dick Turpin

  20. Hugh Grant is so very nice. But can you remember the name of the prostitute he was caught with in 1995 in America

    Divine Brown

  21. Which of these pop stars has NOT served time in jail: Ozzy Osbourne, James Brown or Dolly Parton?

    Dolly Parton

  22. Who was caught picking up a trans-sexual prostitute in Los Angeles in 1997: Actor Andy Garcia, Comedian Eddie Murphy, or Basketball star Michael Jordan?

    Eddie Murphy

  23. Abu Hamza is still in jail, but in which country was the hook-handed preacher born?


  24. Timothy McVeigh was the Oklahoma bomber: has he been executed yet or is he still on death row?

    Executed 2001

  25. Timothy McVeigh was the Oklahoma bomber: has he been executed yet or is he still on death row?

    Executed 2001

  26. Who faced exposure in the Sun in 1998 for breaching the no-touching rules at a lap-dancing club in London? Bob Hoskins, Bob Geldof or Bob Monkhouse ?


  27. Who was once fined £2000 for playing their music far too loud and upsetting the pensioner downstairs: Bobby Gillespie, George Michael or Kelly Holmes?


  28. In the 1980s, Richard Gere was famous for being caught with an animal right up his bum. What type of animal was it?


  29. Why was soul singer Barry White expelled from high school: was it for hitting a teacher, sleeping with a teacher or selling drugs to a teacher?

    Hitting a teacher

  30. Who was the famous wild west outlaw who was murdered by Robert Ford?

    Jesse James

  31. Who was sentenced to 6 months jail for GBH when they were a youngster? Jimmy Nail, Sting, or Frank Bruno?

    Jimmy Nail

  32. Which of these men never served a prison sentence: James Brown, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash or Asher D?

    Johnny Cash

  33. Which rock star is rumoured to have once driven a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool: Keith Moon, Mick Jagger or Ozzy Osbourne?

    Keith Moon

  34. Which rock star once took horse tranquiliser drugs before a live gig, causing him to fall asleep during the show: Robbie Williams, Keith Moon or Ozzy Osbourne?

    Keith Moon

  35. Who was once caught in the toilets of STV, drunk on booze and smearing shit all over the wall to spell out the words “STV is shit”? Was it weatherman Lloyd Quinan, Newsreader Angus Simpson or Sportscaster Jim Delahunt?

    Lloyd Quinan

  36. Which of these is the only country not to evict Gary Glitter for paedophile activities: Cuba, Cambodia or Morocco?


  37. Which supermodel was given Community Service in New York City in January 2007 for assaulting a maid?

    Naomi Campbell

  38. Johnny Cash is dead. But did he ever get a custodial prison sentence during his topsy-turvy life or was he clean?

    No prison sentence

  39. Which rock-hard crazy pop star once stole a Milk Float whilst high on glue-sniffing? Noel Gallagher from Oasis, Noddy Holder from Slade or Barry Gibb out of the Bee Gees?

    Noel Gallagher

  40. Who was arrested in 1982 for pissing on famous American monument The Alamo: Johnny Rotten, Ozzy Osbourne or Paul Daniels?

    Ozzy Osbourne

  41. Which famous blonde was sentenced in 2007 to 45 days in jail for driving too fast in Los Angeles?

    Paris Hilton

  42. Larry Hagman talks in his new autobiography about his acid trips in the 60s and how he couldn’t get hold of the drug at first. Who finally came up with the goods? Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Fonda or Sean Connery?

    Peter Fonda

  43. What does Marilyn Manson have on his coffee table: a pickled human foetus in a jar, the skull of Adolf Hitler or photographs of family and friends

    Pickled baby foetus

  44. Who made the papers in 1999 for swallowing a live goldfish: Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Evans or Prince Harry?

    Prince Harry

  45. Which British rock band are famous for a 1970s party at which dwarves circulated with bowls of cocaine strapped to their heads?


  46. What’s the name of the cocaine-snorting Blue Peter presenter who was sacked in October 1998 and went on to work on the Big Breakfast?

    Richard Bacon

  47. Who called Rangers Supporters “a bunch of bluenose bastards” in a 2001 magazine interview: Billy Connolly, Rod Stewart or Sean Connery?

    Rod Stewart

  48. Who was once sacked from being a postman after biting a dog? Actor Sean Connery, singer Sean Ryder or film-maker David Lynch

    Sean Ryder

  49. According to Sun newspaper in 2005: What is Rod Stewart addicted to: Booze or Sex?


  50. Which music star is banned from ever appearing live on Channel 4: Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, or Shaun Ryder of The Happy Mondays?

    Shaun Ryder [for too much swearing]

  51. When the famous horse racing jockey Lester Piggot was sent to jail in 1988 for tax evasion, did he keep his OBE or did the Queen strip him of the title?

    She stripped him

  52. Which 1980s pop star has admitted masturbating over his fan mail: Simon Le Bon out of Duran Duran or George Michael out of Wham!?

    Simon Le Bon

  53. Which US rap star was banned from entering the UK in 2006 by The Home Office due to public order incidents and previous firearms convictions?

    Snoop Dogg

  54. A pub landlord was fined nearly £2000 by a Newcastle court in 1998 for serving booze to underage drinkers. But was this man Jimmy Nail's brother, Chris Rea's brother or Sting's brother?

    Sting's brother

  55. Who was a genuine hardman as a youngster and found himself being expelled from 12 schools as a kid: Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis or Jimmy Nail?

    Sylvester Stallone

  56. According to the wanted ad on the FBI website, is Osama bin Laden very tall or very short?

    Tall (The FBI put his height at 6’4” – 6’6”)

  57. Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in 1982 for pissing on a famous American monument: what was the monument in question (Texas) Statue of Liberty, Thomas Edison’s Laboratory or The Alamo?

    The Alamo

  58. Which band once asked a member of their audience to replace their drummer who had passed out due to drugs during a live gig in 1973: Pink Floyd, The Monkees or The Who?

    The Who

  59. What was Al Capone's business, as stated on his business card? Used furniture dealer, Theatrical Agent or Guns and Ammunition wholesaler?

    Used Furniture

  60. What was gangster Al Capone's business, as stated on his business card? Used furniture dealer, Theatrical Agent or Guns and Ammunition wholesaler?

    Used Furniture dealer

  61. The Saint Valentine’s day massacre of 1929 involved legendary Chicago gangster Al Capone – but was he the victim or the villain?

    Villain (his gang shot dead 7 members of a rival gang in a warehouse)

  62. The Saint Valentine’s day massacre of 1929 involved legendary Chicago gangster Al Capone – but was he the victim or the villain?

    Villain (his gang shot dead 7 members of a rival gang in a warehouse)

  63. What is George Clooney’s favourite booze: whiskey or cider?


  64. Who killed the most people: Jack the Ripper, The Yorkshire Ripper or the Myra Hyndley/Ian Brady team?

    Yorkshire Ripper (13 dead)

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