Free Questions on the relative ages of various celebs. Topics include everything from precocious brats to crusty old gits.

  1. All of these underwhelming celebrities have birthdays in the same week but who is the oldest: Sue Lawley, Harrison Ford or Camilla Parker Bowles?

    Harrison Ford

  2. Enya, Janet Jackson, Bird out of Deacon Blue - who's the oldest. - All Taurus, all birthdays this week?


  3. How old is Macaulay Culkin?

    born 26/8/80

  4. Oprah Winfrey, Keith Chegwin, and Gareth Hale all have birthdays in January but who's the oldest?

    Gareth Hale

  5. Steven Seagal and Jackie Chan have birthdays in the same week but who's the oldest?

    Seagal is older (by 3 years)

  6. These famous people are all born under the sign of Aries: but who’s the oldest: Philip Schofield, Linford Christie or Eddie Murphy?

    Linford Christie

  7. When was movie actor Kevin Costner born: 1945, 1955 or 1965?

    born 1955

  8. Which one of these celebrities is the older: Brad Pitt or Kylie Minogue?

    Brad Pitt (by 4 and a half years)

  9. Which one of these celebrities is the oldest? Brad Pitt, Jamie Theakston or Kylie Minogue?

    Brad Pitt is oldest

  10. Which one of these people was oldest at time of death: Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, or Joesph Stalin?

    Winston Chuchill (lived to 90)

  11. Who is older: Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?

    Depp by a year

  12. Who is older: Jack Osbourne or Kelly Osbourne?


  13. Who is older: Matt le Blanc or Matthew Perry (Joey or Chandler)?

    Matt le Blanc is older

  14. Who is older: Ricky Martin or Thom Yorke out of Radiohead?

    Thom Yorke

  15. Who is Older: Tina Turner or Barbara Windsor?

    Barbara Windsor – by one year

  16. Who is older: William Shatner or Jack Nicholson?

    Shatner by 6 years

  17. Who is oldest: Alanis Morissette, Liam Gallagher or Marilyn Manson?

    Marilyn Manson

  18. Who is oldest: Chris Tarrant, Harrison Ford or Judy Finnegan?

    Harrison Ford

  19. Who is the oldest of these actors: Nicolas Cage, Courtney Cox or Johnny Depp?

    Johnny Depp

  20. Who is the oldest out of Vic Reeves, George Clooney and Patsy Kensit?

    Vic Reeves

  21. Who is the oldest: Chris Tarrant, Harrison Ford or Judy Finnegan?


  22. Who is the oldest: Lulu, Dale Winton or Mel Gibson??


  23. Who is the oldest: Muhammed Ali, John Major or Bill Clinton?

    Mohammed Ali

  24. Who is the oldest? Guitarist Richie Sambora, weatherman John Kettley or actress Lisa Kudrow?

    John Kettley

  25. Who is the youngest out of John Malkovich, Kim Basinger and Eamonn Holmes?

    Eamonn Holmes is six years younger than the others

  26. Who is the youngest? Camilla Parker Bowles, David Hasselhoff or Oprah Winfrey?


  27. Who’s the oldest: Paul Weller, Dale Winton or Madonna?

    Dale Winton by about four years

  28. Who's oldest? Deborah Harry, Jennifer Saunders or Tom Hanks?

    Debbie Harry

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