Free Quiz Questions on Famous People (assorted). Topics include star signs, dia behaviour, legal situations, pets, nationality, quotes and style...

  1. According to a recent survey: who is the most trusted person in the UK: The Queen. David Attenborough or Des Lynam?


  2. According to a recent survey: who would most British men like to have a pint with: Sean Connery or Mick Jagger?

    Sean Connery

  3. Angelina Jolie is a citizen of which developing country: Ethiopia, Cambodia or France?


  4. Bombardier Billy Wells was seen on many Rank films - why?

    He was the guy who hit the gong in the opening sequence.

  5. Charles Stratton was only 103 cm tall but became exceptionally famous in Victorian times under which stage name?

    Tom Thumb (or General Tom Thumb)

  6. Does George Michael have a pet dog or a pet cat?


  7. During which century did Robert Burns die?

    18th (1796)

  8. Former boxer Chris Eubank holds the title 'Lord of The Manor of Brighton'. But how did he get to be a lord: did he buy the title or was it given to him by the Queen?

    Bought it

  9. George Michael once described a fellow pop star as looking like a "dwarf that had been dipped in a bucket of pubic hair". Who was he talking about?


  10. Halle Berry played Catwoman in Catwoman but what kind of pet does she have in real life: a cat, a dog or a llama?


  11. How did Alfred Nobel make his money?

    He invented Dynamite

  12. How old does Sean Connery claim he was when he lost his virginity?

    8 years old

  13. How old is child acting star Haley Joel Osment these days?

    17 [10th April 1988]

  14. How was Field Marshall Erwin Rommell better known in the Second World War: The Desert Rat, The Desert Fox or the Dessert Spoon?

    Desert Fox

  15. Hufty was briefly famous on British TV in the 1990s, but who or what was Hufty? Was she a computer, an elephant or a lesbian?

    Lesbian (co-presented Channel 4 show The Word)

  16. In 2002, the BBC ran a 100 Greatest Britons Poll. Which leader came top of the list?

    Winston Churchill

  17. In the BBC’s 100 Great Britons list of 2002, who finished highest in the final poll: The Queen, The Queen Mother, or Margaret Thatcher?

    Margaret Thatcher (no.16, queen=24th, Queen mum=61)

  18. In the BBC’s 100 Great Britons list of 2002, who was the highest placed Scot: Alexander Fleming, John Logie Baird, ro Billy Connolly?

    Alexander Fleming (20th – Baird=44th, Connolly not on list)

  19. In which modern-day country can you find the birthplace of Mother Theresa?

    Macdonia (Former Yugoslav Republic)

  20. Is Dale Winton such a big-time celebrity that he get his papers delivered or is he so down to earth that he goes to the shop to pick them up himself?

    He picks them up himself

  21. Macaulay Culkin may regret his friendship with Michael Jackson but what kind of pet does Mac have: a dog, a cat or a monkey?

    Dog (collie)

  22. Mariah Carey has a pet dog: but what kind – a Jack Russell or a Doberman?

    Jack Russell

  23. Mariah Carey will only use one colour of bog roll: Pink, peach or white?


  24. Of What descent is Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Keidis? Lithuanian, Greek or French?


  25. Of what does Nicole Kidman have a phobia: clowns, butterflies or chocolate chip cookies?


  26. Over their entire career: whose movies have made the most money: Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, or Samuel L Jackson

    Jackson (as of march 2004)

  27. Sultan of Brunei threw the world's most expensive party in 1996. The whole thing cost £17 million. Who did he pay £10 million to do the show? Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra or Belinda Carlisle?


  28. Terry Pratchett is one of the best-selling authors in the world today (author of the Discworld series) But is he a Christian, a Buddhist or an Atheist?


  29. Was Saint Valentine a man or a woman?


  30. What appropriate three-word quote is written on the gravestone of Warner Brother cartoonist Mel Blanc?

    `That`s All Folks`

  31. What country declared the Fatwa on Salman Rushdie in 1989: Iran, Iraq or Syria?


  32. What is David Beckham’s phobia: Dogs, birds or monkeys?


  33. What is Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s personal phobia: agoraphobia, claustrophobia or arachnaphobia?


  34. What is Jim Henson famous for inventing: The Simpsons. The Muppets or Star Wars?

    The Muppets

  35. What is Jimmy Kimmel famous for in the USA: is he a country singer, a TV talk show host or a porn star?

    TV talk show host

  36. What is Major Charles Ingram famous for doing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2001?

    Cheating (and winning a £million)

  37. What is more money: the total money raised by Live Aid in 1985 or the total wealth of Phil Collins today?

    Phil Collins’ wealth [£120 v £60M]

  38. What kind of dog does Fred Durst out of Limp Bizkit have: A Chihuahua or a bulldog?


  39. What kind of dog does Pamela Anderson have: a poodle, a beagle or a mongrel bitch?

    Mongrel bitch

  40. What kind of dog does Will Smith have: a rottweiler or a sausage dog?


  41. What kind of dogs does Oprah Winfrey have: a pair of Cocker Spaniels or pair of Irish Wolfhounds?


  42. What kind of pet does Fran out of Travis have: a cat, a dog or a parrot?


  43. What kind of pet does Leonardo di Caprio have: a monkey, a lizard or a penguin?


  44. What kind of pet dog does Pamela Anderson have? French Poodle, a Mongrel Bitch or a Beagle?

    French poodle

  45. What kind of pets did Barry White have: cats, dogs or walruses?


  46. What star sign is David Hasselhoff: caring Cancer, or stubborn Taurus?


  47. What star sign is George Michael: is he a caring Cancer or fiery Leo?


  48. What star sign is Mystic Meg: stubborn Taurus, Majestic Leo or Caring Cancer?


  49. What US politician's 1996 autobiography was called 'Dreams From my Father'?

    Barack Obama

  50. What was Stephen Spielberg nicknamed at school by his friends: “The Professor” or “The Retard”?

    The Retard

  51. What was the length of the train on Jordan’s wedding dress when she got married to Peter Andre: 7 feet, 7 yards or 7 miles?

    7 yards

  52. What was the most famous achievemet of British singer Jay Aston, which happened back in 1981?

    She was a member of Bucks Fizz when they won the Eurovision Song Contest.

  53. What was the name of the disabled British fighter pilot who tried to escape so many times from his POW camp in WW2 that the Germans threatened to take away his prosthetic legs?

    Douglas Bader

  54. When David Hasselhoff attended the Brits Awards in 2002, what was he wearing? Head to Toe black leather, head-to-toe white linen or a Superman costume?

    Black Leather

  55. When Freddie Mercury was alive was he a cat lover or a dog lover?

    Freddie loved cats

  56. When Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray played for Aston Villa in the seventies, what band did he spend the summer with in 1979 to recuperate from an injury: The Carpenters, The Bay City Rollers or Black Sabbath?

    Black Sabbath

  57. Where did Rabbie Burns work as a customs and excise man? Dunfermline, Dumfries or Dundee?


  58. Where was Ewan McGregor born: Scotland, England or Africa?

    Scotland (Crieff)

  59. Where was George Clooney born: America, Africa or Asia?


  60. Where was Wyclef Jean born: UK, Caribbean or Africa?

    Caribbean(in Haiti)

  61. Which 80s pop star played a murderer in an episode of 'The Bill' in summer 1998? Martin Kemp out of Spandau Ballet, Limahl out of Kajagoogoo or Holly Johnson out of Frankie Goes To Hollywood?


  62. Which actor was born Irish but was awrded an honorary OBE in 2003 and became an American Citizen in 2005?

    Pierce Brosnan

  63. Which American celebrity was the richest black person in the world for 6 out the ten years between 2001 and 2010?

    Oprah Winfrey (at one stage she was the world's only black billionaire)

  64. Which Beatle put his mother through an astoundingly difficult 30-hour labour?

    John Lennon

  65. Which Canadian is mainly famous for acting but also for singing incredibly bad versions of songs like Yellow Submarine?

    William Shatner

  66. Which celebrity recently revealed that she washes her face in Evian mineral water: Cameron Diaz or Dawn French?

    Cameron Diaz

  67. Which celebrity won the Worst Dressed award at the 2007 NME awards: Paris Hilton, Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse?

    Lily Allen

  68. Which famous Scottish person's life was the subject of a biography that came out in 2005 called Lucky Jack?

    Jack McConnell

  69. Which famous smart arse, when arriving in the USA in 1882, said to the customs official 'I have nothing to declare but my genius'?

    Oscar Wilde

  70. Which international star had a stage musical based on his life open in Australia in 2006: Bono, David Beckham or David Hasselhoff?

    David Hasselhoff

  71. Which international superstar once said “There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me”: Frank Sinatra, David Hasselhoff or Dougie Donnelly?

    David Hasselhoff

  72. Which megastar is the richest: Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart or Phil Collins?

    Phil Collins

  73. Which Norwegian politician's surname became a word for traitor during the Second World War?

    Vidkun Quisling

  74. Which of these people is left-handed: Andy Murray, Stephen Hendry, or Osama bin Laden?

    Osama bin Laden

  75. Which one of these people refuse to use public toilets: Noel Edmonds, Eddie Murphy or Mister T?

    Eddie Murphy

  76. Which pop star once employed a full-time butler called Reginald: Freddy Mercury, Lenny Kravitz or Jon Bon Jovi?

    Jon Bon Jovi

  77. Which S Club 7 singer went on to sign a solo record deal for a million pounds in 2003?

    Rachel Stevens

  78. Which Scottish female singer once described herself in an interview as "a revolting little cow"? Lulu, Sheena Easton or The Bird out of Deacon Blue.


  79. Which skinny actor played private Widdle in Carry on Up the Khyber and is featued on the cover of the Very Best of The Smiths CD?

    Charles Hawtrey

  80. Who got more money: Catherine Zeta Jones for advertising T-Mobile, or Nicole Kidman for advertising Chanel No.5?

    Jones (£11.2million cf £6.7million)

  81. Who has a pet monkey called Cecilia? Richard Whiteley, Danny de Vito or Jay Kay out of Jamiroquai?

    Danny de Vito

  82. Who has admitted spending £10,000 at a time on hats: Jay Kay out of Jamiroquai, Vic Reeves or Prince?

    Jay Kay

  83. Who has appeared in Hello magazine modelling Versace clothes Jon Bon Jovi, Natalie Imbruglia or The Singer out of Gay Dad?

    Bon Jovi

  84. Who has got the most money, according to Sunday Times rich list: Paul McCartney, Madonna or Roger Waters out of Pink Floyd?

    Paul McCartney

  85. Who has got the most money, according to Sunday Times rich list? Rowan Atkinson, Michael Caine, or Paul out of the Chuckle Brothers?

    Rowan Atkinson

  86. Who has the most money: Sean Connery, Michael Caine or the Chuckle Brothers?


  87. Who in 1965 became the first commoner to be granted a UK state funeral?

    Winston Churchill

  88. Who is older: David Beckham or Posh Spice?

    Victoria Beckham (she was born in 1974 and he was born in 1975)

  89. Who is so arrogant that he gets an assistant to peel grapes for him when he makes a movie: Steve Coogan or Jackie Chan?

    Jackie Chan

  90. Who is the real life Saint who became known as Santa Claus? Saint Paul, Saint Peter or Saint Nicholas

    Saint Nicholas

  91. Who is the richest out of these pop superstars: Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart or Phil Collins?


  92. Who is the richest person in showbiz in the USA: George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg or Oprah Winfrey?

    George Lucas (nearly 2illion pounds)

  93. Who is the richest: George Michael, Ozzy Osbourne or Brian May?


  94. Who is the richest? Gary Barlow, Annie Lennox or Bryan Ferry?

    Bryan Ferry.

  95. Who made the most one-night pay packet for singing at the millennium: David Bowie, Barbara Streisand or Luciano Pavarotti?

    Streisand (she was paid several million dollars for one nights work)

  96. Who or what is Doctor Fate? Are they a blues band, is she a magician, or is he a cartoon superhero?

    He's a cartoon superhero (DC Comis character)

  97. Who paid $5 million for Madonna in 1989: Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Newcastle Brown Ale?


  98. Who said "I like blind singers a lot. I always wanted to be a blind singer"? Terence Trent D'Arbay, Sinead O Connor or Noddy Holder?


  99. Who said: "If you start throwing hedgehogs under me, I shall throw two porcupines under you": Kruschev, Geo. Bush or Cassius Clay


  100. Who was America’s top earning TV star of 1999: Jerry Seinfeld or Jerry Springer or Oprah Winfrey?


  101. Who was nominated for the Best Actress Oscars 4 times in the 1930s and 40s and had the real name Ruby Stevens?

    Barbara Stanwyck

  102. Who was taller: Adolf Hitler or Mao Tse Tung or Mahatma Ghandi?


  103. Who was the most searched-for name on Google in 2004? Britney Spears or Harry Potter

    Britney Spears

  104. Who were Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar?

    The Three Kings (in the Christmas Story)

  105. Who won fifty grand off the Sunday People because they printed naked photographs of her a couple of years ago? Sara Cox, Zoe Ball or Lisa Reilly?

    Sara Cox

  106. Who's richest (98) Mick Hucknall, Joan Collins, George Michael?

    George Michael

  107. Whose 1994 autobiography was called "The long walk to Freedom"?

    Nelson Mandela

  108. Why did Joey Deacon become famous in the early 1980s?

    Suffering from cerebral palsy (he was featured on Blue Peter)

  109. Why did Louise Brown from Oldham become famous in 1978 as soon as she was born?

    She was the world's first test tube baby

  110. Why does Bono out of U2 always wear shades: is it because his eyes are sensitive to light or is it because he thinks it looks cool?

    Because his eyes are sensitive to light

  111. Why is Will Smith in the Guinness Book of Records: Is he the fastest rapper of all time, did he feature is the longest film dance sequence of all time or does he hold the record for most film premieres attended in 24 hours?

    Film premieres

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