Free Quiz Questions on Armies and War.

  1. There was only one year in the 20th century in which British uniformed servicemen were not been killed in action. Which decade? Which Year?


  2. In the first world war, how long did the battle of the Somme last: 142 minutes, 142 hours or 142 days?

    142 days

  3. Shortest war ever = Britain v Zanzibar. How long did it take for the British navy to destroy the Sultan's only warship, and his palace, and therefore win the war?

    38 minutes

  4. How long is the fuse on most grenades: round about 5 seconds or round about 10 seconds?

    5 seconds

  5. In time of war, what do you have to be to be eligible to receive the Dickin medal?

    an animal

  6. Which German word means 'lightning war' and was used to great effect in World War 2?


  7. Who is higher up in the British army: a brigadier or a major?


  8. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: British Empire or USA?

    British Empire

  9. Who’s higher up in the army: a captain or lieutenant?


  10. Who’s higher up in the British army: a captain or lieutenant?


  11. In which war did most American people die? World War II, Vietnam War or American Civil War?

    Civil War

  12. Who is higher up in the Royal Navy: a commodore or a captain?


  13. Who’s higher up in the British Army: a corporal or a lance corporal?


  14. In which war was the famous Charge of the Light Brigade?


  15. Which war happened first: Crimean War, Boer War or Falklands war?


  16. Which World War Two commander was nicknamed 'The Desert Fox'?

    Erwin Rommel

  17. Which war included the Battle of Goose Green: was that World War One, World War Two or The Falklands War?


  18. Who is higher up in the British army: a general or a field marshal?

    Field Marshal

  19. Which 20th century war was famous for an incident during which opposition soldiers took Christmas day off from killing each other to have a game football with each other in no-mans land?

    First World War

  20. What two words are written on a Victoria Cross medal?

    For Valor

  21. According to official UK government estimates, who's got the most nuclear weapons: India, France or Israel?


  22. In the Crimean War, was Turkey a friend or foe of Britain?


  23. Who was the King of Britain during 1st World War?

    George 5th

  24. In World War Two, what kind of thing was a Stuka?

    German bomber

  25. Which country gave out a medal called the Iron Cross to its soldiers in the Second World War: Britain, USA or Germany?


  26. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: Japan or Germany


  27. Who is higher up in the RAF: Group Captain or Flight Sergeant?

    Group Captain

  28. When the RAF fly citizens home from Civil-War-Type global conflict hotspots: is the service free or do you have to pay?

    have to PAY

  29. Which European country declared war on Great Britain in June 1940,but changed their mind in 1943 and declared war on Germany


  30. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: Japan or Britain?


  31. Which is the only country in the world that has actually been attacked by nuclear bombs in a war?


  32. The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country late 50s early 60s


  33. Who conquered the most territory ever: Napoleon, Hitler or Genghis Khan?


  34. According to military guidelines handed out to American war journalists: what should you do if you see a grenade roll on the ground in front of you? Run away or lie down?

    Lie down

  35. In which modern-day US state was the Battle of Little Big Horn fought?


  36. The Hundred Years War was fought between England and France (started in 14th century) but did it last for less than a hundred years, more than an hundred years or exactly one hundred years?

    More than a hundred (116 years from 1337-1453)

  37. Is the Kalashnikov machine gun named after a person, named after a place or is it the Russian word for “fast death”?

    Named after person

  38. Which Central American country fought a civil war in the 1980s between the Sandanistas and the Contras?


  39. The Dickin Medal is the animal VC – 53 were awarded to animals who served with the British forces during the Second World War. But which species dominated, winning more than half of those medals: dogs, cats or pigeons?


  40. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: Italy or Poland?


  41. Senior Service are a strong brand of cigarettes, but which British defence force is known as "The Senior Service": army, navy or air force?

    Royal Navy

  42. Which organisation flies a flag known as the White Ensign: The Royal Family, The Royal Navy or the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds?

    Royal Navy

  43. Back in 1994 the Hutus and the Tutsis were killing each other in a huge African civil war – what country did that happen in?


  44. Did more soldiers die in the First World War or the Second World War (counting soldiers from all nations)?


  45. What shape were the sailors plates in Nelsons navy?

    Square (hence the term 'square meal')

  46. Who’s higher up in the Royal Navy: a Petty Officer or a Sub Lieutenant?

    Sub Lieutenant

  47. What are the names the 5 D-Day beaches from World War 2's Normandy landings?

    Sword, Gold, Omaha, Juno, Utah

  48. What were the 5 codenames the allies used for the 5 D-Day beaches (6 June 1944, WW2)

    Sword, Gold, Omaha, Juno, Utah

  49. Whose side was Brazil on in the Second World War: The Allies or The Axis?

    The Allies (Brazil declared war on Germany in 1942)

  50. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: Britain, USA or Germany?

    The Germans

  51. Which country had the Guns of Navarone installed?


  52. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: UK or USA


  53. Which country had the most soldiers killed in WW2: USSR or USA?


  54. Who is higher up in the navy: vice admiral or rear admiral?

    Vice admiral

  55. Which British military honour was first awarded in the 1850s and has the words 'for valour' written on it?

    Victoria Cross

  56. In 1939 – what happened first: did we declare war on Germany or did they declare war on us?

    We declared on them

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