Free Quiz Questions on Biology. Topics include bones, muscles, nerves and blood.

  1. What is the average UK shoe size for women?

    size 6

  2. How many times a minute does the average person blink?

    10 times per minute

  3. How many times a day does your heart beat: thousand, ten thousand or hundred thousand?

    100000 heart beats

  4. Yukichi Chuganji has just been named world’s oldest man by Guinness Book of Records. How old is he?

    112 years old

  5. What percentage of British women have a baby by the time they’re 20 years old (ie – teenage mothers)?

    12 per cent

  6. How long was the world’s longest erect penis measured at? (Jonagh Falcon, New York)

    13½ inches

  7. How long was the longest ever female beard - owned by Janice Devree of Washington USA?

    14 inches

  8. How fast do nerve impulses to the brain: 10mph, 150 mph, 5500 mph?


  9. What percentage of white British people have a black ancestor?

    20 per cent

  10. What age are you when your brain has the most brain cells: 20 years old, 40 years old or 60 years old?

    20 years old

  11. Within ten bones: how many bones are there in a normal human body?

    206 bones

  12. What % of Scots adults are medically definted as obese? (figures from June 2004)

    21 per cent

  13. What was the shoe size of the biggest ever human feet?

    25 and a half

  14. How many whole pounds does the avg. human brain weigh?

    3 lbs

  15. How many pounds does the average human brain weigh?

    3 pounds

  16. How many whole pounds does the average human brain weigh?

    3 pounds

  17. How many teeth does a normal adult human being have contained in their mouth?

    32 teeth

  18. How much time does the average man spend shaving in his entire life: 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months?

    4 months

  19. How tall is the average British bloke?

    5 foot ten (178 cm)

  20. How many inches does the average man’s chin hair grow in one year? Answer in inches.

    5 inches

  21. Roughly how many grams of dirt do we carry on our bodies at one time? 50 grams or 500 grams?

    50 grams

  22. How many litres of blood are there in the human body: 6, 16 or 60?

    6 litres

  23. In metres, how long was the longest recorded human hair in the world?


  24. What is the average number of minutes it takes a person to fall asleep at night?

    7 minutes

  25. Men speak about 2000 words a day – how many do women speak? Get within 1000 for points.

    7000 [Accept answers within 6000 - 8000]

  26. What percentage of adult men have a penis under 6 inches in length? [erect – if anyone asks]

    75 per cent

  27. How tall was the tallest guy in the world? (Robert Wadlow)


  28. If you leave a dead body outside… in warm weather, how long does it take to decompose completely and leave just a skeleton? 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 months?

    9 days

  29. To the nearest foot, was world’s tallest man (Robert Wadlow) 7 feet, 8 feet or 9 feet tall?

    9 feet (precisely 8 feet and 11.1 inches)

  30. How many pints of blood are there in the average man?

    9 pints (5 litres)

  31. Where are the fastest growing hairs on the average man: top-of-head hair, beard hair or pubic hair?

    Beard hair

  32. How is an ocular contusion more commonly known?

    Black eye

  33. Which beards grow faster: blond beards or dark beards?


  34. Who have the highest density of hairs on their heads: Redheads, Blondes or Brunettes?


  35. What is classified by the A B O system

    Blood Groups

  36. Which organ in your body is home to the “inferior temporal cortex”?


  37. Which element is a soft greay alkaline earth metal and is found in bones, shells and teeth?


  38. What word is the name given to the smallest blood vessels in the body?


  39. Which has more bones: a cat skeleton or a human skeleton?

    Cat (230 bones - humans have 206)

  40. What would you suffer from if you had dichromatic vision?

    Colour Blindness

  41. How much sweat do your feet produce every day: An egg-cup full, A tea-cup full or a wine-bottle full?

    egg-cup full

  42. Glaucoma affects which part of the body?


  43. On average what does it take a man 7 minutes to do in bed?

    fall asleep

  44. Which corpses burn faster at the crematorium: fat people or thin people?

    Fat people

  45. Which grow faster on most normal human beings – fingernails or toenails?


  46. What is there more of in Scotland: ginger people or left-handers?


  47. Who has more teeth: an adult human or an adult grizzly bear?

    Grizzly bear

  48. Where is the one bone in your body that isn't connected to any other: your head, your foot, or your torso?

    Head (inside the ear)

  49. Where is the smallest bone in the human body: the head, the foot or the penis?

    Head (stirrup bone in eardrum)

  50. If you were suffering from Hypertension what would the problem be?

    high blood pressure

  51. When Japanese and British businessmen go out for a drink, the different racial make-ups generally mean that the two get drunk at different rates despite dirnking the same amount of booze. Who gets pissed easier and ends up under the table first: Brits or Japanese?


  52. What name is given to the veins that drain blood from the head

    jugular veins

  53. Where in your body is your patella?

    Knee ( it's the kneecap )

  54. Strenuous exercise can cause a build up of which acid in the muscles?


  55. Where does the largest organism is the world live: on the land, in the sea or in the air?

    Land (its some kind of fungus OR a multiple tree-clone thing… debate over which)

  56. What is the scientific name for the jawbone?


  57. Which sex is six times more likely to be hit by lightning: Men or Women?


  58. Who are more likely to fall out of bed: men or women?


  59. In Britain are there more men or more women who are overweight?

    More men

  60. Most ordinary people blink once every four seconds. Do newsreaders on TV blink more often, less often, or just the same as everyone else?

    More often

  61. If you suffer from epistaxis what is wrong?


  62. Compared to the 1950s, are British women’s breasts bigger or smaller than they used to be?

    Now they are bigger!

  63. If a Dog is a Carnivore, what are most Humans?


  64. Which painful thing will your brain detect faster: someone pricking your hand with a safety pin or someone burning your hand with a lighter


  65. What do most people have 24 of: Teeth, Ribs or chromosomes?


  66. Which activity burns most energy: driving a car or riding a horse?

    Riding a horse

  67. Which is the bigger lung in most humans: the Left or the Right?

    Right (the heart is positioned slightly to the left so the right lung has more room)

  68. In a human body, what is the scapula better known as?

    Shoulder Blade

  69. What is the average UK shoe size for men?

    Size 9

  70. Which organ weighs more: the your skin or your brain?


  71. Who will die quicker: Someone deprived of sleep or someone deprived of food?


  72. When is the brain more active? Sleeping or Watching television.


  73. Is human blood slightly acid or slightly alkaline?

    Slightly alkaline

  74. Does the hair on your head grow more quickly in the summer or the winter?


  75. Ageusia is the loss of which sense?


  76. If your lungs were laid out flat: would they cover a snooker table, a tennis court or a football pitch?

    Tennis court

  77. Where in your body is the biggest muscle?

    The arse (gluteus maxiums)

  78. What organ in your body contains parts called 'cones' and 'rods'?

    The eye

  79. Which parent’s chromosomes determine the sex of a human child: the father or the mother?

    The father

  80. Which part of the human body contains the most gold: the eyeballs, the toenails or the liver?


  81. What is the hardest material in the human body?

    Tooth enamel

  82. Which sex blinks their eyes twice as much: men or women?


  83. According to scientific research: who are better at spelling: men or women?


  84. Who are twice as likely to suffer insomnia: men or women?


  85. Who get more headaches: men or Women?


  86. If you suffered from astigmatism, what part of your body would be affected?

    your eye

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