Free Quiz Questions on individuals in football. Topics include managers, players, transfers, and the number of Miss Worlds shagged by George Best.

  1. By what name is football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known?


  2. In 1995, which Scandanavian footballer became the first overseas player to win the Scottish Player of the Year award?

    Brian Laudrup

  3. Who were Manchester United playing when Eric Cantona performed his famous kung-fu kick on a fan?

    Crystal Palace

  4. What footballer has a name that's nearly the same as a word for "poo" and has played for and managed Brazil?


  5. Who was the only Scotsman to win the Football Writer’s Association Player of the year award in England during the 1990s?

    Gordon Strachan (1991 – Leeds)

  6. What does Brazilian footballer Ronaldo do two hours before every football match: does he eat a small cake, do some yoga or have sex with his wife?

    Makes love to his wife

  7. Vinnie Jones is now a film star but which country did he play International Football for?


  8. How much did Newcastle pay for Michael Owen when they signed him from Real Madrid?

    £17 Million Pounds.

  9. How old was Wayne Rooney when he made his Premiership debut for Everton: 16,17, or 18?

    16 years old

  10. What is the world keepy-uppy record to the nearest hour?

    24 hours (an estimated 250,000 touches)

  11. How many goals did David Beckham score in his 30 games for LA Galaxy?

    5 goals

  12. Who was the top scorer in Euro 2004: a Greek, a Czech or and Englishman?

    A Czech (Milan Baros)

  13. Which of these Scottish players from the 1998 World Cup squad was under six foot tall? Darren Jackson, Colin Calderwood, Gordon Durie?


  14. Which Portuguese player was the top scorer in this 2007-08 English Premier League?

    Cristiano Ronaldo (of Manchester United)

  15. Who won most caps for Scotland All players called Smith, all players called Jones or all players called Dalglish


  16. Which African player was the top scorer in this 2006-07 English Premier League?

    Didier Drogba (of Chelsea)

  17. Which ex Scotland star has played in the Old Firm derby, the Tyneside derby, the Tayside derby and the Merseyside derby?

    Duncan Ferguson

  18. Which Scottish footballer had an Orchestral portrait entitled Barlinnie Nine composed about him.

    Duncan Ferguson (he spent 44 days in barlinnie in 1995)

  19. Who was captain of Brazil in the 1990s and became manager in 2006 and has a nickname which is the Portuguese for "dopey"?


  20. Which one of these is the real name of a Partick Thistle footballer: Nathan Horse, Emmanuel Panther or Alexander Elephant?

    Emmanuel Panther

  21. In football, which Brazilian player whose name meant 'The Little Bird' won two world cups before ending life as an alocholic?


  22. Which footballer holds the record for having sex with the greatest number of different Miss Worlds: Diego Maradona, George Best or Charlie Nicholas?

    George Best (record is 5)

  23. Football: Which Scotsman won the FA Premier League manger of the year title in 2001? Clue: not Alex Ferguson.

    George Burley

  24. Who scored Scotland's only goal of the 1986 World Cup finals and later became manager of Celtic?

    Gordon Strachan

  25. Which Scottish club did George Best play for in the early Eighties?


  26. What Liverpool player scored the first live televised hat-trick in a League game?

    Ian Rush

  27. Who in 1993, became the first continental to manage a Scottish club by taking over at Dundee United?

    Ivan Golac

  28. What star sign is 39-year old Scottish goalkeeper Jim Leighton? Horny Aries, Powerful Leo or Spooky Cancer? -

    Jim Leighton is A Leo (24thJuly)

  29. Football. Who is the only Scottish player to score goals in three World Cup finals tournaments?

    Joe Jordan (74,78,82)

  30. Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals for both an English Club AND a Scottish football Club?

    Kenny Dalglish

  31. Which SPL team did Ally McCoist finish his playing career with?


  32. What is the most common part of a professional footballer to get injured: Hamstring, knee or liver?


  33. Which Italian football club did Paul Gascoigne play for?


  34. Which Scandinavian footballer played for Aberdeen, Bolton and Wolves and later became the manager of Cwdenbeath?

    Mixu Paatelainen

  35. Who beat Frank Lampard to become FIFA World Player of the year in 2005?


  36. Which Brazilian footballer has won the title of FIFA world player of the Year on three separate occasions?


  37. In football, what was the name of the Arsenal and England goalkeeper with a porn star ponytail?


  38. Which French player was the top scorer in this 2004-05 English Premier League?

    Thierry Henry (of Arsenal)

  39. Former Clyde FC manager Graham Roberts won the Uefa Cup with which English Premiership club?

    Tottenham Hotspur (1984)

  40. Ex Rangers player and Clyde manager Graham Roberts won the Uefa Cup with which English Premiership club?

    Tottenham Hotspur (1984)

  41. Bruce Grobellaar was done for match fixing but which African country starting with a Z was he the goalie for?


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