Free Quiz Questions on tall and small famous people. Topics include celebrity centimetres, famous feet and and inches, and relative distances between the tops of the heads of famous people.

  1. Is the James Bond actor Daniel Craig taller or shorter than six foot?

    Slightly Shorter (5’11”)

  2. Madonna, Geri Halliwell and Baby Spice are all the same height: what height? (answer in feet and inches please!)


  3. Movie Director Quentin Tarantino is not of average height – but is he a tiny wee guy, or a big tall guy?

    Tall (6’2”)

  4. What is taller: two mini-me’s or one Sylvester Stallone?

    One Sylvester Stallon (5’7” v 5’4”)

  5. Which actor is taller: Will Smith or Mel Gibson?

    Will Smith

  6. Which of these people is 6’5” tall? Clint Eastwood, Bill Clinton or Graham Norton?

    Clint Eastwood

  7. Which of these people is six foot five: Clint Eastwood, Greg Rusedski or Bill Clinton?


  8. Which of these people is taller than 6ft: Pierce Brosnan, Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe in Friends) or Naomi Campbell?


  9. Which pop star is taller: Chris Martin out of Coldplay or Justin Timberlake?


  10. Which pop star is taller: Justin Timberlake or Robbie Williams?

    Justin Timberlake

  11. Which reality TV music star is the tallest: Chico or Darius?

    Darius [6’ 4” vs 6’1”]

  12. Who is or was the shortest of these people: Woody Allen, Winston Churchill or Mahatma Ghandi?


  13. Who is taller: actor George Clooney or singer Barry Manilow?

    Manilow (6ft vs 5’10”)

  14. Who is taller: Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez


  15. Who is taller: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera


  16. Who is taller: Britney Spears or Eminem?


  17. Who is taller: Celine Dion or Cameron Diaz?

    Cameron Diaz (by two and a half inches)

  18. Who is taller: Charlize Theron or Courtney Cox?

    Theron by 4½ inches

  19. Who is taller: Craig David or Charlie out of Busted?

    Charlie out of Busted

  20. Who is taller: Daniel Bedingfield or Craig David?

    Craig David

  21. Who is taller: David Hasselhoff or John Travolta?

    David Hasselhoff

  22. Who is taller: Dolly Parton or Ronnie Corbett?

    Ronnie Corbett

  23. Who is taller: Eminem or Marilyn Manson?

    Marilyn Manson

  24. Who is taller: Justin Timberlake or Darius?


  25. Who is taller: Lee out of Blue or Charlie out of Busted?

    Charlie out of Busted

  26. Who is taller: Madonna or Ben Stiller?

    Ben Stiller (by four inches)

  27. Who is taller: Mini Me or Yoda?

    Mini Me (by six inches)

  28. Who is taller: Rachel Stevens or Kylie Minogue?

    Rachel Stevens

  29. Who is taller: Rachel Stevens or Shane out of Westlife?


  30. Who is taller: Shane out of Westlife or Eminem?


  31. Who is taller: Steven Spielberg or George Clooney?


  32. Who is taller: Will Smith or Harrison Ford?

    Will Smith (6’2 vs 6’0)

  33. Who is taller? Matthew Kelly or all 3 of Michael Jackson’s children put together?

    Jacko’s Kids

  34. Who is taller? Rod Stewart or David Bowie?


  35. Who is tallest? Jackie Chan or Mel Gibson?


  36. Who is the only one of these blokes over six feet tall: David Bowie, Ted Danson or Brad Pitt?

    Ted Danson

  37. Who is the only one these celebrities who is over six feet tall: Sylvester Stallone, Justin Timberlake, or Jerry Seinfeld?

    Justin Timberlake

  38. Who is the tallest out of Girls Aloud: Kimberley or Sarah?


  39. Who is the tallest surviving Beatle: Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr?

    Paul McCartney (5’foot 11)

  40. Who is the tallest: Gareth Gates or Cristina Aguilera?

    Gareth Gates

  41. Who is the tallest? David Hasselhoff, Marilyn Manson or Jimmy Nail?

    David Hasselhoff

  42. Who is the tallest? Al Pacino, Bridgit Fonda or Ringo Starr?

    Ringo Starr (5 foot 8)

  43. Who was the tallest member of Queen: Freddie Mercury or Brian May?

    Brian May – 6’1” and Freddie only 5’9”

  44. Who’s tallest, only one over six foot tall? John Candy, Jackie Chan or Cameron Diaz

    John Candy

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