Free Quiz Questions about flags, crests and emblems. Topics include colours and designs and the odd anthem question.

  1. Which two animals are depicted on the Australian national coat of arms?

    (red) Kangaroo and emu

  2. Which European country has a two-headed black eagle on their flag: Austria, Albania or Norway?


  3. What animal is on the flag of California: snake, bear or eagle?


  4. Which animal is the national emblem of Canada?


  5. Which of these colours is NOT in the Italian national flag: red, white, blue or green?


  6. What color is the cross on the flag of Finland?


  7. What are the two colours that make up the flag of the Congo Democratic Republic?

    Blue and yellow

  8. Which of these countries includes a bit of green in their flag: Argentina, Bulgaria, or Cambodia?


  9. What’s the national tree of Lebanon?


  10. What is the national flower of Japan


  11. Which of these country’s flags includes the colour Green: Iceland, Greenland or Ethiopia?


  12. The flag of Libya is the only national flag in the world which is one colour only: what colour is it?


  13. What three colours make up the Jamaican flag?

    green, black, gold

  14. Which country's national symbols include the peacock, the tiger and the lotus flower?


  15. Which of these things is on the flag of Sri Lanka: An eagle holding a snake, a lion holding a sword or fish holding a ring

    Lion holding a sword

  16. What country’s flag includes a picture of an eagle eating a snake: Mexico, Thailand or South Africa?


  17. What is the national bird of India: The Peacock, the hummingbird or the budgie?


  18. Along with white - what other colour makes up the flag of Turkey?


  19. What colour is found on the greatest number of national flags: red, yellow or blue?


  20. What colour of stripe is uppermost on the US flag?


  21. What two colours make up the flag of Morocco?

    Red and green

  22. Which two colours make up the flag of Bangladesh?

    Red and Green

  23. What two colours make up the flag of Indonesia?

    Red and white

  24. What two colours make up the flag of Tonga?

    Red and white

  25. Which two colours make up the Turkish flag?

    Red and white

  26. What two colours make up the flag of Tunisia?

    Red and white

  27. What two colours make up the flag of Macedonia?

    Red and yellow

  28. what are the three main colours that make up the flag of Moldova

    Red, blue, yellow

  29. Which three colours make up the flag of Chile?

    Red, white, blue

  30. What country has the world’s oldest national flag still in use: Japan, Poland, or Scotland?

    Scotland (9th century)

  31. What is depicted on the national flag of Ethiopia? A star, a moon or a chicken?


  32. What is depicted on the flag of Taiwan: a sun, a dragon or a moon?


  33. What is pictured on the flag of Cambodia: a temple, a sword or a goat?


  34. The flag of the Ukraine is Blue and what other colour?


  35. What colour is the cross on the Jamaican flag?

    Yellow or Gold

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