Free Quiz Questions on football teams. Topics include winning and losing, colours and crests, club and country.

  1. Have Tottenham Hotspur ever won the English Football League?

    Yes (2 times)

  2. Which English football team was formerly known as Thames Ironworks?

    West Ham United

  3. Which football team have have been the champions of English football the most times [question includes League Championship up to 1992 and the Premier League thereafter]?

    Manchester United (19 times)

  4. Which SPL club's badge features a picture of an eagle and a thistle?

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle

  5. Which English team have won the FA Cup the most times?

    Manchester United (11 times)

  6. Before the 2003 UEFA Cup Final – who were bookies’ favourites for the game – Celtic or Porto?


  7. Football. Which country's clubs have won the most European Cup/Champions league trophies?

    Spain (13 Times) Madrid 9 Barcelona 4.

  8. Football: Which is the only Turkish side to win a European Trophy?

    Galatasaray (UEFA Cup 1999/00)

  9. How many Scottish football clubs have won the UEFA Cup?


  10. How many times has Hampden Park hosted the European Cup or Champions League Final?

    3 (1960, 1976, 2002)

  11. What Scottish Premier League club did Alex Ferguson manage directly before going to Manchester United?


  12. Who was Manchester Utd manager before Alex Ferguson took over in 1986? Clue: this man was also famous for making a racist outburst in 2004.

    Ron Atkinson

  13. Which English football club did Tony Mowbray go to manage after leaving Hibs in 2006?

    West Brom

  14. What country's football squad turned up for France '98 with only photocopied passports and subsequently found themselves detained by immigration services for Three Hours?


  15. Which one of these countries did not qualify for the finals of the 2006 FIFA World Cup: South Africa, South Korea, or Saudi Arabia?

    South Africa

  16. After managing Scotland, which African country's football team did Berti Vogts become manager of in 2007?


  17. Why was Shetland football team Delting A forced to cancel a string of home games in 1998? Because their pitch fell into the sea, cos rabbits ate the pitch or cos their pitch was declared TOO SMALL by the SFA?


  18. Have Newcastle United ever won the English Football League?

    Yes (4 times)

  19. Have Southampton ever been champions of the top English Football League?


  20. In football, what is Everton football club's nickname?


  21. The singer Rod Stewart had a trial with Celtic but he also had an apprenticeship with which English football league team?


  22. Which English football team have a swan on their badge and have been managed by Martin O'Neill and Paul Lambert??

    Wycombe Wanderers.

  23. Which of these English football clubs plays in green: Portsmouth, Peterborough or Plymouth Argyle?

    Plymouth Argyle

  24. Name any one of the four English football clubs who have only been champions of English football on one occasion only?

    Ipswich Town, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, West Bromwich Albion

  25. Peterborough United hold the record for the most league goals scored in a season by an English football team. How many goals? (Div 4 1960-61 – 46 games)

    134 goals

  26. Which London football club was Geoff Hurst playing for when he won the World Cup with England in 1966?

    West Ham United

  27. Who are the only team based outside of England to have ever won the FA Cup?

    Cardiff City (in 1927)

  28. How many different English teams have won the European Cup/Champions League?

    Four (Liverpool, Man Utd, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa)

  29. Which one of these football clubs has had a number one hit in the pop charts: Manchester United, Leeds United or Chelsea? (April 1994)

    Manchester United

  30. FC Twente is a professional football club based in which European country?


  31. A lower league German team finally won a game in early 2000 after not winning a game for six months. What did the coach do in dressing room before game? Gave team mild electric shock, get a stripper to perform for them or serve them champagne and caviar?


  32. Who are the only Greek side to reach a European Cup or Champions League final?

    Panathanaikos (lost to Ajax in 1971)

  33. Which highly successful Italian football club is known as the “Old Lady”


  34. What kind of animal is pictured on the badge of Kilmarnock FC: a Spider, a Squirrel or an Elephant?


  35. What is the nickname of Alloa Athletic Football Club: clue - it is a type of insect.

    The Wasps

  36. Football. Which Scottish club did George Best play for in the early Eighties?


  37. Football: the first European Cup competition was held in 1955/56. Which Scottish team reached the Semi-Finals?


  38. Football: Which club was promoted to the SPL in 2000 and relegated to the first division in 2007?

    Dunfermline Athletic

  39. In 1995 Meadowbank Thistle were relocated from Edinburgh and renamed after their new home town: what are they called now?

    Livingston FC

  40. In football, which team won the most Scottish League titles during the 1970s?


  41. In Scotland, which league football team come from Greenock?

    Morton FC

  42. In Scottish football, who were the last team apart from Celtic or Rangers to actually win the league?

    Aberdeen, [in 1984-1985]

  43. In what year was Inverness Caledonian formed?

    they were founded in 1994

  44. Livingston broke an SPL record for the 2005-06 season by scoring the fewest points in any season. How many points did they gain?

    18 points

  45. The first European Cup competition was held in 1955/56. Which Scottish team reached the Semi-Finals?


  46. What is Edinburgh-based football side Hearts full name and where did they nick their name from?

    Heart of Midlothian FC - from novel of same name by Sir Walter Scott

  47. Which now-defunct Scottish Football club played at a Glasgow ground called Cathkin Park?

    Third Lanark

  48. Which Scottish football team play their football at Glebe Park?

    Brechin City

  49. Which Scottish football team runs out to Jimmy Shand's Bluebell Polka?

    Dunfermline FC

  50. Which Scottish league Club’s location is the furthest north?

    Ross County

  51. Which team won promotion to the SPL in 2007 and went out of business in 2008?

    Gretna FC

  52. Rabbie Burns was from near Ayr and might have been an Ayr United fan if he was born today. What division are Ayr United currently in?

    2nd div (correct as of season 08-09)

  53. Raith Rovers hold the record for goals per game in a British league campaign. How many goals did they score in the 34 games in the Scottish second division 1937-38?

    142 goals

  54. Season 97-98: East Fife had more goals scored against them than any other league club in Scotland. They played 36 games. How many goals did they concede?

    92 goals

  55. What was the last major trophy that Dundee United actually won: League Cup, Scottish Cup or First Division Championship?

    Scottish Cup (in 2005)

  56. Which Scottish football competition was known as the Coca Cola cup in the 90s and the CIS cup from 1999-2008?

    League Cup

  57. Who was the manager when Kilmarnock FC won the Scottish Cup in 1997?

    Bobby Williamson

  58. In 1993, who became the first man from outside Britain and Ireland continental to manage a Scottish club?

    Ivan Golac (Dundee Utd 1993)

  59. Which Englishman managed Hibs from 2004-06?

    Tony Mowbray

  60. Which non-Old Firm team provided 5 players for the Scotland squad at the 1986 world Cup Finals in Mexico?

    Dundee Utd

  61. In football, Which large Spanish City is home to La Liga team Espanyol?


  62. The Mestalla Stadium is home to which Spanish Football club?


  63. Which Spanish team won the UEFA Cup 2 years in a row 2006 & 2007?


  64. In football, which Spanish team did Terry Venables manage in the mid 1980s?


  65. In football, who were the first Turkish team to win a European Trophy?

    Galatasaray (UEFA Cup 1999/00)

  66. What is the only senior British league football club with a J in their name?

    St Johnstone

  67. Which ex-Manchester United player succeded Mark Hughes in 2008 when he was appointed manager of Blackburn Rovers FC?

    Paul Ince

  68. Which Burns was manager of Celtic, Kilmarnock and Reading football clubs

    Tommy Burns

  69. What is the name of the US Soccer club which signed David Beckham in 2007?

    Los Angeles Galaxy

  70. Which football team from Wales who play in the English league are supported by a notorious gang of football hooligans known as the Soul Crew?

    Cardiff City

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